Folms Mirel is a Dunmer enchanter, and the senior member of the Caldera Mages Guild. He is one of the people with whom the Nerevarine can speak to join the Mages Guild. Folms can enchant items, and also offers a range of items for sale to guild members ranked Conjurer or higher.


A Wizard's StaffEdit

Folms Mirel can initiate this quest to procure a Wizard's Staff, required to advance to the rank of Wizard. The staff can be purchased for five-thousand gold, or collected from Anirne, a rogue guild member.

Master IndexEdit

(Requires the Master Index official plug-in.)
Folms tells the Nerevarine of Propylon Indexes which can be assembled to create a Master Index that would allow teleportation between the guildhall and Propylon Chambers discovered in the Dunmer Strongholds located throughout Vvardenfell.


Bartering Gold: 1,050 Mercantile Skill: 10

Folms Mirel is a journeyman enchanter, and offers his services to all who can afford them. He also offers a variety of wares for sale.


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