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Your ship should have arrived weeks ago and I fear the worst has happened. I've set up camp on this rock as your ship should pass by here and hopefully one of these days we'll be together again. If you're reading this I'm probably out hunting or bringing in some supplies. I'll be waiting here until I see your face again.

Faithfully yours,



  • It appears the author Trius died before being reunited with his love Shelly as there are skeleton bones laying on the bedding in the lean-to. It is unknown how long ago the camp was made or how long since Trius' and Shelly's disappearances. It seems plausible that Shelly's ship could be one of the numerous ships found in Pilgrim's Trench, as the lean-to and campfire are only a short distance away from it.
  • It appears if you discover the wreckage at Pilgrim's Trench before you try and interact with the letter that you can't pick up the letter or read it.
    • This appears to have been fixed in the latest PC version of the game as of September 2012.
    • The fire is still lit at the camp, with no real explanation.


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