"Always good to see some fresh faces around here. You're welcome to go on in."
―Crown Warden Seral[src]

Forebear Warden Zakriah is a Forebear Redguard found outside Ra Gada's Respite in Bergama.


Gone MissingEdit

Investigate the disappearances in Bergana.


After Vestige wears the Forebear Disguise:

"Welcome to the fellowship hall. You're not from Bergama, though. Are you from Sentinel? No matter, as long as you're a Forebear."

I am a Forebear. "Then you may come and go as you see fit. Would you like me to get the door?"
I'll get it myself.


  • "I'm sorry. Only Forebears are allowed in today. We do welcome guests on some occasions, so I hope you will return at another time."


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