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"Oh, child, I always have a better idea!"
―Forge-Mother Alga[src]

Forge-Mother Alga gra-Orsinium, also known as Forge-Wife Alga gro-Bagrakh, is an Orsimer. She is the mother of King Kurog, and often serves as an adviser to him. Alga is a devout worshiper of Trinimac, and has played an important role in the rebuilding of Orsinium


For King and GloryEdit

After the Vestige is done speaking to High Priestess Solgra, Forge-Mother Alga will walk up the steps to the Temple of Ire entrance and say: "Is this one of the outsiders who responded to my invitation, high priestess?" After speaking to her, she will send the Vestige to Frostbreak Fortress with the task of helping King Kurog defeat the Winterborn.

A King-Sized ProblemEdit

In The King's Cornerclub, the Vestige's conversation with Kurog will be interrupted when Alga and Kurog's shield wives enter, notifying the Vestige of the attack on the Temple of Ire. She will then send the Vestige to Temple to save the hostages and defeat the Malacath extremists. Once that is done, the Vestige must speak to Alga in the Temple, and report to her regarding Solgra's status. She will mention setting up a military unit to guard the temple from further attacks, and says that Bazrag is the main suspect behind the attack given the evidence by the Malacath extremists.

The King's GambitEdit

Alga will meet with the Vestige in Scarp Keep. After talking with King Kurog, she will betray the Vestige, and attack with a spell, forcing the Vestige to stab themselves with their own weapon. Kurog will walk into the room, apologizing for the grim circumstances, shortly before the Vestige blacks out.

Blood on a King's HandsEdit

The Vestige must kill Forge-Mother Alga and King Kurog during the moot, as they will attack the clan chiefs. Once Alga is dead, Kurog will harvest her power and charge at the Vestige with fierce vengeance.

Long Live the KingEdit

Attend Alga, Kurog, and Solgra's funeral.


Show: For King and Glory

"So our ambassador finally found you? Took her damn time. But you're here now and that's what counts. Welcome to Orsinium. Amazing how fast we rebuilt the place, isn't it? Orsimer can do anything when we work together."

I found out where the Winterborn took the stolen supplies. "The damn Reachmen and their foul magic! It provides the Winterborn with an unlimited number of soldiers to send against us! Even so, our soldiers have dispatched all but one of their warlords―that bastard, Urfon Ice-Heart! Where are the supplies?"
Frostbreak Fortress. I heard Ice-Heart himself guards them. "Trinimac smiles upon us then! My son, King Kurog, has already traveled to Frostbreak Fortress to deal with Warlord Ice-Heart directly. Without a strong leader, the Winterborn threat will fade away. You must go and tell the king about the supplies."
I'll go help King Kurog. "There are two things my son can't resist―food and battle. When he learned of Ice-Heart's location, he rushed to deal with the warlord personally. Help him end the threat and recover the supplies. The unification of the Orc clans depends on it!"
How will this help King Kurog unite the Orc clans? "The Winterborn pose a threat to all of Wrothgar. Urfon Ice-Heart in particular has long been a thorn in our side. The king issued the order to invite you to our land. If the Winterborn are defeated thanks to that order, the clans will take notice."
Doesn't King Kurog have an army? "Of course! But many of our best warriors are off helping the alliance. Besides, the other clan chiefs are too busy seeking their own glory. My son needs someone at his side who has nothing to prove. Someone without an ax to grind. Someone like you."
What can you tell me about the Winterborn? "The accursed Winterborn of the Reach! Under the Longhouse Emperors, they dominated these mountains. But the mountains belong to us now. We've driven the cowards back, but their leader―Urfon Ice-Heart―still lives. It's time to change that."
Where do I meet King Kurog? "You can find my son at the camp outside Frostbreak Fortress. It's an old Breton fort southwest of Orsinium. We've been laying siege to the place for weeks, but Ice-Heart and his rats have burrowed deep. Go and help my son exterminate the vermin."
Why does the king have you making these arrangements? "This is Orsinium. Don't you know our traditions? Kurog is king, the chief of our clan and every clan far and wide. When it comes to war, he's in command. Everything else is better left to the capable skills of his mother and wives."
Kurog is married? "Oh yes, many times over! Just like any other clan chief. Noroga the hunt-wife, Tugha the forge-wife, Barazal the hearth-wife ... and he has a few shield wives as well. They're all fine young women. Kurog's been well-matched, I've seen to that."
Tell me about High Priestess Solgra. "High Priestess Solgra? Oh, we couldn't have done any of this without her. She upholds the ancient traditions, traditions we sorely need right now. With her help, we will restore the true religion of the Orsimer―the religion of Trinimac!"
Trinimac? "Trinimac the Warrior, the Paragon. Once he was our patron, our god. He encompasses the true ideals of the Orsimer―strength, honor, and unity. Talk to High Priestess Solgra. She speaks of Trinimac with more elegance and passion than I can manage."

"As you can see, the clan chiefs can be a contentious lot. They oppose King Kurog at every turn―especially on matters of faith. But tell me. Was Kurog successful? Did you defeat the Winterborn warlord?"

The Winterborn warlord is dead. King Kurog asked me to meet him here. "I knew you'd be able to help Kurog in his mission! Perhaps now the other clans will see that Kurog is destined to lead us all. Once the clans unite, just imagine the power we will wield!"
Why are these chieftains here? "The king sent for them. They are a few of the more vocal opponents to my son's plans and they refuse to bend their knees to him."
These chiefs don't agree with King Kurog? "They are blinded by centuries of customs and traditions. They refuse to see the glory that King Kurog wants to bestow upon us all. Instead, they stick their heads in the mud like a frightened Argonian and pretend that the old ways are so much better."
And King Kurog wants to change that? "My son wants to free us from the traditions that hold us back. They mire us in outdated notions and restrictions. We need to become a modern society if we want the other kingdoms to respect us. To take us seriously. King Kurog will make that happen."
I understand.
Show: A King-Sized Problem

"My son's bravery borders on stupidity! He would run off and stumble blindly into their trap without the slightest regard for his safety. We must not allow that to happen."

Do you have a better idea? "Oh, child, I always have a better idea! My son's rage makes it difficult for him to see clearly. His instinct is to charge every problem straight on and beat it into submission. His enemies know this and often use it against him."
You believe the attack on the temple is a trap? "Bazrag and the other clan chiefs know King Kurog all too well. They expect him to attack and kill the heretics, just as the heretics will kill the hostages. Innocent lives will be lost and blame will fall squarely on Kurog's shoulders."
What do you want me to do? "You are an outsider, with connections to Orsinium that are tenuous at best. Enter the temple and rescue our people. If you succeed, you save innocent lives at the king's request. If you fail ... Well, at least the king won't be blamed."
Very well, I'll do as you ask. "My request carries a heavy burden. Believe me, I know. But your actions will potentially save innocent lives and bolster the king's standing. Do not fail me, outsider, and I will make sure that you are greatly rewarded."

"You're alive! Finally something good comes out of this debacle. Too many priest [sic] [Do not change this to priests. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] died because of those fanatics. We removed their bodies, but if word gets out ... I need to know―did you find High Priestess Solgra? Is she safe?"

The high priestess is safe. "That is good news indeed. I will make sure that a military contingent protects this temple going forward. It will not be left undefended again."
A military contingent? "Increased patrols around the perimeter, soldiers assigned to guard the inside of the temple. The priests will not have to live in fear of another attack, so long as my son is king. I assume you know who claimed responsibility for this?"
The fanatics claimed to take orders from Chief Bazrag. "Bazrag never agreed with Kurog. He made threats in the throne room, as I'm sure you heard. Besides, his boldness and devotion to Malacath are legendary. It appears Bazrag wishes to challenge our king."
If Bazrag is behind this, what should we do? "My son needs to solidify his hold on the clans. All the chiefs must accept Kurog as their king for the betterment of the Orsimer people. If we gain support of the clans, we can stop Bazrag without inciting an all-out war."
Is there anything I can do to help? "You have done enough for today. Though lives were lost, thanks to you others were saved. 'Take this for your efforts. And keep your ears open. We will contact you when the king again has need of your services."
Is there anything I can do to help? "You have done much already. Many lives were in danger yet somehow you managed to make sure none were lost. Please, take this. For being so careful with my people and keeping their safety in mind. We will find you again when the king needs you."
"Thank you for your assistance in this matter, outsider. My son or I will contact you when we again require your services." (New greeting.)
Show: The King's Gambit

"Ah, outsider. You never cease to surprise me. I suppose your recent adventures were somewhat trying. Of course, sticking your tusks where they don't belong usually leads to trouble, doesn't it?"

What are you talking about? "So proud. So sure. So certain that you do the right thing. But you defy the will of Trinimac and try to stop the inevitable by warning my son. In short, you have begun to annoy me."
But I need to warn Kurog about the Vosh Rakh. "The Vosh Rakh do exactly what they've been ordered to do. They will eliminate every obstacle that threatens my son. It's time to remove the clan chiefs so that Orsimer reunification can begin. This is about survival! Surely, you understand that?"
You're behind this? When Kurog hears about this― "No, we're done here. You think you know so much, but you're just grasping at straws. The plan proceeds and you can't stop it. The Orsimer will rally as one under the banner of King Kurog. I have foreseen it!"
It's you! I'll stop you! "Stop me? I don't think so! The Orsimer will rally as one under King Kurog's banner! I have foreseen it!"


A King-Sized Problem

Inside the King's Cornerclub, the wives of King Kurog interrupt his conversation with the Vestige:

King Kurog: "Damn it, you two always show up and ruin my fun!"
Shield-Wife Razbela: "Oh, I have not even begun to ruin your fun, my king. But let's leave the pleasantries for later. We have an urgent situation to report."
King Kurog: "I can never tell when you're joking. Fine. What's so important?"
Shield-Wife Oshgana: "The Trinimac temple has been attacked, my beloved. Malacath devotees have barricaded the doors and taken the priests as hostages."
King Kurog: "These fanatics dare to attack my city? My people‽ I'll deal with them personally!"
Forge-Mother Alga: "You will do no such thing, my son. After what happened in the throne room, this is undoubtedly a trap."
King Kurog: '"I won't sit by while they attack my city!"
Forge-Mother Alga: "This problem requires a personal solution, and I have a perfect idea. Outsider, let us talk."

Inside Temple of Ire, after High Priestess Solgra enters the main room, they will have the following conversation:

Forge-Mother Alga: "Solgra, my child, come join us. Are you injured? Should I call a healer?"
High Priestess Solgra: "I am well enough, but innocent blood was spilled in the temple this day."
Forge-Mother Alga: "I grieve for your fellow priests as much as you do, but changing the Orsimer way of life brings risks we are all well aware of."
High Priestess Solgra: "Trinimac's words ... I came here to share them, not to bury my brothers and sisters in the faith."

The King's Gambit

Inside Scarp Keep, after briefly talking wit Alga:

Forge-Mother Alga: "Let it be known, the outsider who stands before us has betrayed our great city!
For your actions, I condemn you and your allies to death.
A sentence you shall execute by your own hand'
May Trinimac guide your blade."
King Kurog: 'I'm sorry it had to come to this. But what I do I do for the good of the Orsimer people."

Blood on a King's Hands

In the Path to the Moot, a conversation between Kurog, Alga, and the clan chiefs can be heard through the ceiling, with Chief Bazrag and Eveli Sharp-Arrow giving their commentary in between:

King Kurog: "Silence, chiefs! Your constant bickering has plagued our people for long enough!"
Chief Bazrag: "Kurog's belittling the chiefs. They won't stand for that."
King Kurog: "You isolate yourselves in your own strongholds, perpetuating our selfish nature. We must change who and what we are!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Kurog's got a point. We're still going to kill the bastard, right."
King Kurog: "I tried to appeal to you as equals, but you refused to listen. I grow tired of arguing with you."
Forge-Mother Alga: "The king cares for our people and all you do is break his heart."
Chief Bazrag: "Wonderful. The murderous king and his lunatic mother. This will be interesting.
We're getting close. Be ready for anything."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Sounds like the time I walked in on an Imga courting ritual!"
King Kurog: "The choice is simple. Kneel before me as your king and ruler of the united Orsimer nation―or die!"
Chief Bazrag: "We need to move faster. Kurog's about to start slaughtering the chiefs!
Once we get inside, find Kurog and take him down. We need to save as many chiefs as we can.
There's still time if we move fast. We need to open this gate."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "There's no lever. They must have shut it from the other side."
Chief Bazrag: "Stand aside and let me work! Get ready to pull those people out of there!"
King Kurog: "You leave me no choice. I'll unite the clans over your dead bodies!"
Forge-Mother Alga: "But don't worry. Trinimac is waiting for you on the other side."
King Kurog: "Archers, eliminate the clan chiefs!"
Chief Ramash: '"We've been betrayed! Defend yourselves!"
King Kurog: "And now the last guest has arrived. I'm going to make you pay for your disloyalty."
Chief Bazrag: "Clan chiefs, over here! Arrgh! Hurry, this gate is ... heavier than it looks."
Eveli-Sharp Arrow: "I'll go back and help Chief Bazrag. Don't get yourself killed without me!"
King Kurog: "As impressive as always, but it doesn't matter. My soldiers are already moving to block the tunnels.
But even impressive criminals must pay for their crimes. I'm going to deal with you―personally!
Bow before the king of the Orsimer!"


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