Forgotten Ancestry is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Vestige met Harald Winvale, a repentant Bloodthorn cultist who is being haunted by ancestral spirits for desecrating his family tombs. He asked them to help him demonstrate that he still honors and respects his ancestors.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Look for Sacred Candles on defeated cultists
  2. Honor the Winvale Patriarch
  3. Honor the Winvale Matriarch
  4. Honor the Winvale Scion
  5. Place a Candle at the Winvale Founder's Tomb
  6. Talk to Silas Winvale
  7. Talk to Harald Winvale
  8. Complete the quest


In one of the crypts at Burial Mounds the Vestige sees a figure hiding, it's Harald Winvale and he explains that his great-great-grandfather appeared before him and demanded he atoned for the desecration. If not, he'll haunt Harald forever. He didn't know the Bloodthorn cultists were going to desecrate this burial site, as his ancestors are buried here.

He made a mistake and joined the Bloodthorns and if he go back out there, they'll kill him. They stole sacred candles from the tombs, find them and place them at the family tombs so they still know they're honored.

Sacred Candle

Look for three tombs, Winvale Patriarch, Matriarch, and the Scion. They were very important in their time. He suggested to honor the Winvale Founder's tomb last, he was very angry.

Head outside to find cultists and defeat them, finding candles on some. When four candles have been found, follow the markers to the three tombs and place a candle on each. Then find the founder's tomb and place the last candle. The ghost of Silas Winvale appears, go to him and talk to him.

He is angry as the Vestige have placed the candles instead of his worthless descendant. Has he no shame at all? Explain why and Silas is still angry but eventually agree Harald has made an effort. Of some sort. Go back to Harald and tell him he should continue the path of this new course or the ghosts will return. Now Silas wants to return to his rest.

Head over to Harald and tell him what his ancestor said. Continue to honor their memory. Harald agrees and renounces the cult and promise to honor them. But from a much safer distance. He says he might go to Daggerfall and no more cults, not even benign ones!


  • 36–151 GoldIcon
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