Forgotten Crypts is a Public Dungeon in northwestern Deshaan in Morrowind. A group of refugees from Narsis, established a small camp inside of the ruins in an attempt to protect themselves from the Llodos Plague that is spreading in Deshaan. Inside the cave a female Dunmer named Sela in search for her husband Garil asks for assistance to reach the refugee camp.

While exploring the dungeon one has to face larger groups of Undead as well as some Group Bosses.

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A Family Divided[edit | edit source]

Survivors of the plague from Narsis have built a refugee camp inside long-abandoned crypts. Sela and her husband came to join the group, but became separated.

A Bitter Pill[edit | edit source]

Sela does not believe Danus' story about Garil becoming infected. Something is not right. Garil is not at the camp. The Vestige should look for him further in the crypts.

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