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Fork of Horripilation is a unique weapon in the The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The Fork is needed to complete Sheogorath's Quest.


The Fork is extremely weak, in terms of actual damage. To further "aid" the Nerevarine, the Fork is enchanted with a constantly active drain magicka effect, strong enough to prevent the Nerevarine from casting spells.


The Fork can be found in the shack of Big Head, near to Ald Redaynia. Big Head is an, unsurprisingly, mad hermit living alone in the region of Sheogorad and will allow the Nerevarine to take the Fork. Although Big Head will not state where it is, the Fork can be found from the table within the Shack.


Sheogorath's QuestEdit

In a typical show of Sheogorath's merriment in madness, the Nerevarine will be asked by Sheogorath, at the Ihinipalit Shrine in the St. Delyn Canton in Vivec City, to use the Fork of Horripulation to kill a Giant Bull Netch in the Sheogorad Region. The Fork is currently in the possession of Big Head and must be used to kill the Giant Bull Netch to the east of Ald Redaynia. 


  • Horripilation is the technical term for "goosebumps."
  • The Drain Magicka effect takes 200pts of magicka from the Nerevarine.
  • The Fork is taken by Sheogorath at the end of his Quest.


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