The Forsaken Mine is a silver mine located south of Leyawiin. Plantlife is the usual found in caves and mines, Wisp Stalks and Cairn Boletes.

The mine plays a part in the Fighters Guild quest "Trolls of Forsaken Mine." The mine also contains several silver veins.


  • Forsaken Mine
  • Forsaken Mine Lost Passages


  • Several chests with minor loot such as potions and GoldIcon.
  • Chest with leveled loot.
  • Half a dozen full suits of armor on the bodies.


Trolls of Forsaken MineEdit

A few days ago, a group of Fighters Guild members had been sent to the Forsaken Mine to clear out some trolls, yet they haven't been heard from since. Modryn Oreyn wants the Hero to investigate.



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