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Forsworn Note is a book in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


There are two Forsworn Notes with different content as listed below.

  1. Serpent's Bluff Redoubt, in the Briarheart's tent.
  2. Deepwood Redoubt. Under the dresser in the tent with the Forsworn Briarheart and the boss-level chest.


Forsworn Note 1Edit

The Matriarch grows weary of your hesitation. Our people control the entire eastern slope of the reach - all save Sungard. Take it, and the invaders will be cut off from all retreat. But we must do it now, while its defences are still weak.

Summon the tribes. Do what you must. But if you do not act, she shall find someone who will.

Forsworn Note 2Edit

Matriarch, we await your orders. Our blades are honed, our quivers full, our wills steeled for battle. The time of our waiting has ended. The time for battle is at hand. You have but to speak the word, and the occupiers shall fall like wheat before the reaper.


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  •  360   The second Forsworn note may not be able to be picked up. Trying to select it doesn't work because the dresser is in the way. Even when crouched, it cannot be selected to be picked up.
    • Solution: From the left side of the dresser there is a small space behind the dresser. If an explosive spell like Fireball is shot there, the note will be blown a bit forward, making it possible to be selected and picked up.


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