"Markarth and the Reach are our lands. That is why we are the Forsworn. We cannot claim the home that is rightly ours."
Nepos the Nose[src]

The Forsworn Rebellion is a rebellion formed by the native Reachmen of The Reach against the Empire[4] and the Nords.[2]


The Forsworn seek to remove Nordic rule from Markarth and The Reach, to restore the ancient rule of the Reachmen. Their king is Madanach.[2][5][6]


"The Forsworn will reclaim what is rightfully ours!"
―Forsworn members[src]

During the Great War, when the Third Empire was busy fighting the Aldmeri Dominion, it pulled many of the Legion soldiers from Markarth to fight, leaving it with only a small garrison. The Reachmen, who had wanted independence for a long time, took this opportunity to force Imperial troops out of the Reach, and from 4E 174 until 4E 176, it was its own kingdom.[1] Aside from some crimes which were committed against former Nord landowners, the Forsworn ruled their lands fairly, and were trying to be recognized by the Empire as a legitimate kingdom. In 4E 176 Markarth's nobility asked Ulfric Stormcloak to reclaim the Reach, to which he accepted.[7] Upon reclaiming Markarth the remaining Forsworn scattered, those who stayed or those related to the Forsworn were executed,[2][1] excluding Madanach, Nepos the Nose and a handful of others.[2] Their uprising has made travel in the Reach dangerous.[8] The Legion sees them as merciless, and order their soldiers to neither give, nor expect mercy if they attack.[4]


The Forsworn make use of looters, foragers, Hagravens, shamans, archers, pillagers, ravagers, warlords, assassins, and lastly, briarhearts. The briarhearts are a special type of Forsworn. These Reachmen chose to let their heart get cut out by Hagravens for it to be replaced by a Briar Heart, granting them greater strength. When they attack, they don't care about their chances of succes, nor for the money, as large sums of gold are often left behind.[9] They seek to harm the Nordic population in such a manner that they will eventually leave.


  • The Forsworn can be seen engaging with three Imperial (or Stormcloak) soldiers just off the road to Markarth.
  • They can also be seen fighting with several Orcs in the Reach.
  • Additionally, they can be spotted attacking a Peddler.


The following are Forsworn hideouts:





The Forsworn make use of the following items:



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