Fort Ash is a fortified stronghold located on the edge of the Great Forest in the Colovian West of Cyrodiil. Fort Ash is an important stronghold that is crucial in capturing the entirety of Central Cyrodiil. In recent years, the fort has fallen asunder and it is a shadow of its former self.

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Fort Ash is located in the middle of the Orange Road, in between the town of Weynon Priory and the Red Ring Road. Ash has a large keep that safeguards with a large wall, like the other strongholds in the area. During the Alliance War, Central Cyrodiil was split into three regions occupied by the different alliances. Fort Ash was located in the area held by the Daggerfall Covenant, and it was on the edge of that territory.


Second EraEdit

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Around 2E 576, the Duke of Chorrol, Varen Aquilarios led a rebellion against the Empire of Emperor Leovic in an event called the Colovian Revolt. One of the first battles was a skirmish near Fort Ash where Aquilarios lost to Leovic's militia. Afterward, Varen took control of the Legion of Chorrol and pushed Leovic's forces into the Heartlands. The Kings of the Colovian Estates banded together to truly fight against Leovic's reign.[1]

During the Interregnum in 2E 582, Central Cyrodiil was split into three regions that were controlled by the three factions fighting in the Alliance War. The area around Fort Ash was under the control of the Daggerfall Covenant and it served as their protection from the First Aldmeri Dominion in the south. Fort Ash was berated several times by both the Covenant and the Dominion and even the Ebonheart Pact, which has territory on the other side of the province. Ash along with other forts in the Red Ring Road was essential for complete control in the region. If an alliance were to control, Fort Ash and those other forts, the most powerful warrior were named the Emperor of Cyrodiil. This position constantly shifted between similar candidates and this continued for several years.[2]

Third EraEdit

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After years of war, the formerly great Fort Ash was ransacked and destroyed, reduced to nothing but a ruined watchtower. Many denizens of the Great Forest inhabit the ruins and use it as a redoubt until they can no longer benefit from it. During the Oblivion Crisis in 3E 433, the ruins of Fort Ash was inhabited by the local Goblins.[3]




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