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Fort Ash is a destroyed fort halfway between Chorrol and the Imperial City along the Black Road. Travelers should be wary as highwaymen have been active in the area.

The upper floors of the ruin have numerous containers for of salvages to rummage through for random items. The third floor shows the price of greed, with the corpses of two goblins on either side of some precious gems. It can only be surmised that they fought over the loot and killed each other, leaving the treasure for the wandering adventurer. The topmost floor contains some more containers and skeletal remains. A hard-to-reach ledge is barren of any secrets.

A few fly amanita grow inside and around the base of the tower. South of the fort is some Summer Bolete and a Green Stain Cup. The external tower of this ruin is unusually tall — four stories total. On the south side of the third floor is a cluster of precious gems.

Besides the Goblins, rats also infest the fort.


  • Fort Ash
  • Fort Ash Stockade

There are a few treasure chests with a lot of potions but nothing remarkable. Goblins inhabit the fort.



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