Fort Caractacus is a fort located on the northern coast of Lake Rumare, near Aleswell. If one travels along the nearby road in a southwesterly direction, staying along the coast, one will eventually find Fort Empire.


The ruin is the home of the wizard Ancotar, who is experimenting in invisibility spells. When approaching the ruin one will encounter invisible animals, who Ancotar has been practicing his powers on. On his table on top of one of the towers, there is a Conjuration skill book, The Doors of Oblivion.

Inside this one-leveled ruin are a few conjurers and daedra. There are also a few chests with minor loot and one with leveled loot.


  • Fort Caractacus

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Zero VisibilityEdit

This side quest is able to be started in more than one way, either by stumbling upon Aleswell or talk to Malene of the Roxey Inn down the road, who speaks briefly of the town and its problems. When Aleswell is found, the whole town seems to be dead, but when the Hero walks through it, a voice suddenly talks to them, saying that everybody in the town is invisible.


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