Fort Doublecross is located northeast of Leyawiin. It's a three-sectioned necromancer dungeon.

Lying in the swampy Blackwood region, Fort Doublecross is lush with vegetation. Green stain cup are scattered around the periphery of the fort and a patch of Tiger Lily are by the entrance with a few somnalius frond. To the southwest, in the swamp, three rare and impossible to harvest Pitcher Plants surround a Nirnroot. Another Nirnroot lies a little to the southeast, across the swamp and behind a tree.

Unusual for eastern forts, both outside staircases are intact, and most of the three circular balconies. There is also a chest that can be hard to see hidden in the northern section of the second level in a pile of rubble.


  • Fort Doublecross
  • Fort Doublecross Caves
  • Fort Double-cross Battlemage Muster

There is a 10% chance that an Orcish Adventurer will spawn inside Fort Doublecross. The Adventurer, like all others, will not be hostile. However, if you choose to kill the Adventurer, they do carry leveled items that might be of value.



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