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Fort Dunstad is a fort south of Dawnstar.


Inside, the fort features a fighting pit for skeevers, which is run by bandits. The interior has many cheese wheels and caged skeevers. The fighting pit is in the main chamber of the fort, with two cages above it controlled by a lever. The bandit chief is at the top of the prison, while the Fort Commander's Quarters are inhabited by a magic-wielding bandit. Upstairs, a snow bear's head can be found with a goat cheese wedge inside its mouth. The Stumbling Sabrecat inn is located inside Fort Dunstad's walls. It was run by Baral Sendu before he was killed.



The Battle for Fort Dunstad[]

In the Imperial Legion questline, Legate Rikke tells the Dragonborn to help the Imperial Legion take Fort Dunstad from the Stormcloaks.

If the Dragonborn sided with the Stormcloaks, the fort will be infested with bandits when first entered. Lower level characters will find a skeever fighting pit run by bandits.

Clearing it before taking a side in the Skyrim Civil War will allow it to be garrisoned by Stormcloaks upon next visit to the fort, but once a side is picked, the fort will remained occupied by bandits, unless sided with the Imperial Legion, then it will be automatically garrisoned by Stormcloaks after the Battle for Whiterun.

Alchemy ingredients[]

Notable items[]

  • 2920, vol 06 - Mid Year (Heavy Armor) – inside the prison. On the top floor, on the shelf next to the Alchemy lab.
  • Boss level chest with random loot – The top of the fort reached through a ladder from the bandit chief's room inside the Prison.
  • There is some Skooma in the Commander's Quarters and some more behind the counter in the tavern.
  • After the completion of Dampened Spirits, the Fort Dunstad Commander's Quarters are one of the few locations where Honningbrew Mead can still be found.