Fort Facian is a fort located south of Sercen Camp. When in Cheydinhal, wander around near the Fighters Guild hall and Riverview to spot an Orsimer in red clothes. Ask him about rumors and he will reply, "Treasure holes... in Cyrodiil?" and this gives the Hero a map marker to Fort Facian and Fort Naso. Both forts are close together and can give good leveled items.


Fort FacianEdit

When entering the fort turn right then left to gain access to a small room where there is a chest with items. In the next room in this corridor are several liches waiting and two chests and a coffin with items and GoldIcon can be found.

When leaving this corridor and turning left, beware of the dart trap on the wall before one reaches the end and can turn left. After the stairs and going straight forward, there is a small room with a skeleton guarding a chest with some items. Before reaching this room one can turn left into a larger room with more chests, skeletons and wraiths. Continue straight forward to access the next room.

Fort Facian Vaults of HonorEdit

Entering into a corridor with a right turn where there is gate which can't be opened from this side. One has to continue forward in through a wooden door where more liches and skeletons are waiting and with a few chests with various items. Go through the room to reach the corridor leading down to the vault. When leaving this room one will end up where the locked gate is, pull the lever to open it.


  • Several chests with various items, such as potions, GoldIcon, and weapons.
  • On top of the fort outside, is a chest.


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