For this location in Online, see Farragut Keep.

Fort Farragut is an ancient fort just east of Cheydinhal. Dark Brotherhood Speaker Lucien Lachance resides here.

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Layout[edit | edit source]

There are many traps encountered within the ruin as well as Dark Guardians roaming around.

There is a secret entrance to the living area in a hollowed-out tree near the rear of the fort. On the southeast outer edge of the upper level are hidden some random gold pieces, along with an enchanted ring.

Upon entering through the main entrance, and after pulling the lever to open the gate, are three different routes to take. The doorway to the left leads up to the bridge where there is only a chest with some Gold. Going straight ahead leads to a hallway with a poison dart trap. To the right are doors that are locked with a hard lock. Going through these lead to a tunnel with a hole in the center which can cause the Hero to fall into a spike pit. Taking either way leads towards Lucien.

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