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Fort Frostmoth is an abandoned fort on the island of Solstheim. It was built by the Imperials but was abandoned when they left Solstheim following the decline of Raven Rock Mine.


March of the DeadEdit

After finding the note entitled, Declaration of War, the Dragonborn is sent here to kill General Falx Carius in order to stop the Ash Spawn attacks on Raven Rock.

Notable itemsEdit



  • The skeletal remains of Maximian Axius can be found here.
  • East of Fort Frostmoth a wizard can be seen casting a spell and flying high into the air, this is a reference/homage to the flying wizard, Tarhiel, in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.
  • The leftmost part of the crypt that contains Ildari's journal contains possible references to Edgar Allan Poe's House of Usher, the 1960 film adaptation, like the tilted coffin at the end of the room, a similarly tilted coffin nearly kills Philip Winthrop, the film's main character. Another possible reference is the bloody rags found in the top coffin directly left of the entrance, a possible reference to the bloody state that Philip finds Madeline's coffin in.
  • Neville from the Oblivion Dark Brotherhood quest Whodunit? mentioned being stationed at Fort Frostmoth.


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