Fort Grief is a fort located on an island in the Niben Bay in southern Cyrodiil. It serves as a human hunting ground for Kurdan gro-Dragol and plays a large role in the quest "Caught in the Hunt." There is a lever at the entrance of the fort; activate it to open the caged doors.


  • The Hunter's Run
    • After crossing the bridge, head up the stairs and turn left. There are three traps in a row here: a hole-in-the-floor with spikes at the bottom, darts, and a trip rope that triggers poison gas.
  • The Hunter's Abyss
    • Requires keys from the first two hunters to access.
    • Has more traps, specifically darts and poison gas.
    • Loops back to The Hunter's Run, dumping out over the bridge.



Caught in the HuntEdit

In Bravil, the Hero will hear that Aleron Loche is having problems. The rumors point to Aleron's wife, Ursanne. Go speak with her at Aleron Loche's House or at the local Chapel of Mara.



  • Sometimes there is a Khajiit hunter above after killing Kurdan.
  • It is not possible to fast travel from the island while on it. It is possible to fast travel to it, but not from. However, to do so, simply swim out a few feet into the water and fast travel from there.
  • A Nirnroot can be found in the tunnel near the water in the ceiling trap room in the Hunter's Run. This can be useful and helpful for the quest "Seeking Your Roots," as Nirnroot is required for Sinderion's Elixir of Exploration.
  • There is a locked chest on the upper level of the above ground portion of the fort containing two bottles of Shadowbanish Wine, (the miscellaneous quest "A Venerable Vintage"). These respawn every few days.
  • Fast travelling to the Fort makes the players horse stand on the dock, despite the fact there is no physical way of getting the creature there.


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