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For this location in Online, see Magia Ruins.

Fort Magia is a fort located in the Waterfront region, east of the Imperial City on the Red Ring Road, south of the Blue Road heading towards Cheydinhal. It is a three-level undead tomb with lots of water and a large number of slaughterfish. It contains an undead boss and two boss chests on the bottom level.

The fort lays open to elements, and its upper levels have eroded away with time. A number of ancillary ruins lay about the area that have a small number of plants growing around them.

Preparation for exploration[]

Exploration of Fort Magia will include water exploration (with slaughterfish) and encounters with the undead. Exploring under these conditions will be done most efficiently if equipped with at least the following items or skills:



The plants growing around the ancillary ruins include the following:


Fort Magia (Main)[]

The first level is a dungeon with the following:


Notable items[]

  • Three random loot chests (two of which yield restoration items)

Fort Magia Memorials[]

The entrance to the second level (Fort Magia Memorials) is underwater. This level starts with a rather long underwater corridor, and air will be reached only after making it past, or fighting off, a couple of slaughterfish. Rushing to the air is possible but may not be wise for stealth builds. If adequately prepared, underwater looting is possible (although picking locks and taking loot is done in pause-time). It's also wise to check the underwater niches in the sides of pools/halls for chests. It is not recommended to use a bow.

Fort Magia Garrison Blocks[]


  • Leveled Undead Boss
  • Leveled Skeleton Archers
  • Leveled Undead
  • Leveled slaughterfish

Notable items[]

  • Two Boss Chests
  • Random loot containers (chests and coffins; one restoration chest, one wine chest)


A Venerable Vintage[]

Nerussa at the Wawnet Inn is a wine collector, and will pay handsomely for the rare Shadowbanish Wine.