Fort Naso is a fort located north of Sercen Camp. When in Cheydinhal, wander around near the Fighters Guild Hall and Riverview to spot the Orsimer in red togs. Ask him about rumors and he will say, "Treasure holes... in Cyrodiil?" and give the Hero a map marker. This also supplies Fort Facian as they are both close together and they can give good leveled items.

Fort Naso is also home to a modest vampire population. Outside the fort a minotaur can be seen. On top of the fort one can find armor and a weapon besides a skeleton. There is also a chest one has to jump to gain access to.

Sublocations[edit | edit source]

Fort Naso[edit | edit source]

The layout of this fort is a labyrinth of corridors leading down to several rooms where there are chests and coffins. A few vampires are present as well as timber wolfs guarding the vault and chambers. There are also both a dart trap and a pressure plate trap inside.

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Several chests with various items, such as potions, Gold and weapons looted from the vampires when killed.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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