Fort Redman is a two level vampire lair. It is located, on the east coast of the Lower Niben due north of Leyawiin. It is just northwest of Fisherman's Rock.


Much of the ruins upper floors, remain and even a section of the roof has survived. The topmost level has a hard to reach treasure trove. Under the stairs on the ground floor is a Nirnroot. There are no other significant plants.


  • Fort Redman
  • Fort Redman Hall of Judges

Inside is a standard layout for forts with several bandit traps with pressure plates and swinging barrels, logs, or spiked balls. Both levels have several chests with various items, both locked and unlocked. Some of them are leveled.


Seeking Your RootsEdit

There are three Nirnroots opposite the fort.

Final JusticeEdit

The coffin to the right of the entrance to the ruin holds Dead Drop Orders 5 and a GoldIcon reward.


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