For this location in Online, see Castle Roebeck.

Fort Roebeck is a two-level fort located southwest of the Imperial City in the east coast of the west leg of the White Rose River.


  • Fort Roebeck
  • Fort Roebeck Winter Station

In Fort Roebeck, in the large area housing seven different sleeping platforms (four bedrolls and three beds), there is a miniature shrine to Clavicus Vile resting on a bedpost just left of the entrance to this main hall. This shrine cannot be used by the Hero, however, and is intended for cosmetic purposes only.

Outside plants are abundant south of the fort with a couple of primrose, some monkshood and a large number of sacred lotus and water hyacinth in the waters of the White Rose River.

Notable itemsEdit


Seeking Your RootsEdit

This quest can be started here, as there is one Nirnroot plant inside the dungeon.


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