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Fort Snowhawk is a fort in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is located in Hjaalmarch Hold, and is home to a group of necromancers and skeletons. During the Civil War, the fort becomes the stage of a battle between the Stormcloaks and Imperial Legion, depending on who is in control of Hjaalmarch at the time.

If the Dragonborn remains neutral in the Civil War and clears the fort of the necromancers and skeletons, the fort will be garrisoned by Imperial Legionnaires on the next visit, or after a few in-game days.


The Battle for Fort Snowhawk[]

The Dragonborn must attack the fort with the Stormcloaks or Imperial Legion, depending on their allegiance, and eliminate the occupying garrison.

Notable items[]




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  •  360   It is possible for one of the enemy skeletons to become stuck inside a wall outside Fort Snowhawk. It will be completely stuck inside, so it will be impossible to see it.
  • Due to the way the fort is designed the necromancers alerted in areas inaccessible from a chosen entrance will use exits, and potentially disappear or flee into the wilderness. This makes the location very difficult to seed with Imperial or Stormcloak soldiers (if the latter gained Hjaalmarch through "Season Unending"), requiring many visits before it finally receives the necesarry condition so soldiers can move in and take over like most major forts not captured during the Civil War.
    • One way to correct this for the Imperials is to progress the main story, surrender Morthal to the Stormcloaks during the peace talks, then take it during the Civil War questline. This will however prevent the achievement "War Hero", if Riften is traded for Morthal. It will also be impossible to get Imperial soldiers to move into Fort Sungard.
    • Another is to repeatedly enter one door per interior cell, exit another, sweep the exterior, and kill any necromancers that reappear near the main gate.