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Fort Sphinxmoth, or Sphinxmoth Legion Fort,[1] is a ruined fortress that lies hidden in the canyons of Reaper's March in The Elder Scrolls Online.


First EraEdit

The Reman Empire built Fort Sphinxmoth into the side of a mountain, giving the structure an impregnable base from where Legionnaires could be sent out to patrol the borders of Elsweyr and Valenwood. The fort consisted of a large, elevated bastion with defensive stone walls and towers, and a subterranean series of halls, rooms, and dungeons built into the bowels of the mountain. The Legionnaires outfitted their fortress with many traps, both mundane and magical, to defend themselves should the walls have ever been breached.[2][3]

Second EraEdit

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Fort Sphinxmoth was abandoned by the Legions after the fall of the Second Empire in 2E 324, then was traded back and forth for a generation between warring Bosmeri and Khajiiti tribes, suffering additional damage every time it changed hands. The fort was vacated by both sides after a landslide destroyed much of the upper works, and word of mouth says that nothing worth looting was left behind.[2] By the year 2E 582, Fort Sphinxmoth was no more than an overgrown, forgotten ruin, occupied only by a band of outlaws who made their home in the underground chambers. Their leader stored personal treasures in an ancient vault deep within the ruins, and the bandits refurbished many of the fort's old traps.[3]

Third EraEdit

Many northern skirmishes between the Bosmer and Khajiit during the Five Year War were witnessed at Fort Sphinxmoth, which was once again under Legion control. In the spring of 3E 396, the war moved closer to the fortress, from which parts of the conflict could be observed. The Imperial bookseller Codus Callonus was stationed here during this time.[1]



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