Ghorza gra-Bagol is the female Orc Blacksmith in Markarth. She wants you to find a book that will help her apprentice become a better blacksmith. The book is located in the "Muster" section of the fort (see below).

Reward +1 free Smithing skill point on top of the skill point for reading the book.


  • Fort Sungard Tower - the main section of the fort; three floors with roof access. A lower door leads to the Fort Sungard Oubliette.
  • Fort Sungard Oubliette - a small tower in back of the fort with two floors and roof access. A killing hole in the basement leads to a small cave with an exit. A Guide to Better Thieving Skill Book and the Fort Sungard Jail Key can be found here.
  • Fort Sungard Annex - has one section and a jail cell. A lower door exits to a balcony with a Forge, Grindstone and Workbench.
  • Fort Sungard Shrine - holds a Shrine of Kynareth, an Alchemy Lab in the basement and a locked, levelled Strong Box.
  • Fort Sungard Muster - two floors comprising sleeping quarters and and mess hall with a kitchen below. A Last Scabbard of Akrash Skill Book can be found in the sleeping quarters and a Cooking Pot is usable in the kitchen, roof access, and sewer access to Skyrim.



Notable Loot


War Hero
Capture Fort Sungard or Fort Greenwall
Points 10 Gamer points
Bronze trophy

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