Fort Teleman is a fort located some ways east of Arpenia and south of Shattered Scales Cave on the southern tip of the Panther River.


Outside the fortEdit

Alchemical plants are located close to the ruins and include Clouded Funnel Caps fungi, Green Stain Cup fungi, Somnalius flowers, and a large number of Stinkhorn plants. There are six rare Pitcher Plants scattered throughout the area outside the fort. There are two Nirnroots close by as well.

To the west is a small, unmarked lake that has some green stain cups, a few clouded funnel caps, three more Nirnroots, and six more difficult-to-harvest Pitcher Plants.

There is a staircase that does not lead into the Fort. At the top, there is a chest with gold. Also, on the floor, there is an Amulet of Luck.

Inside the fortEdit

The layout is typical for a fort, but there are also altars and banners added by the necromancers. The second level is more like a cave and in the last room one can find Irlav. There are a few chests with minor loot scattered around.


The Bloodworm HelmEdit

Hannibal Traven says that two of the high-ranking members of the Council have left, taking two powerful artifacts with them. He is afraid that Mannimarco will find the mages, kill them, and take the artifacts, thereby gaining more power.

He wants the artifacts safely recovered and brought back to the Arcane University. Irlav Jarol took the Bloodworm Helm to Fort Teleman.

Seeking Your RootsEdit

Sinderion is looking for a rare root known as Nirnroot. Bring him 10 Nirnroots and he'll make you a potion called the Elixir of Exploration, which is very useful for exploring dungeons.



  • In the Order of the Black Rose area, the Hero may witness the Necromancers fighting the Daedra, especially as they move into the cavern.
  • In the southern-most area of the caves in the Order of the Black Rose area, there appears to be a destroyed statue of Nocturnal at the far end of the pit.
  • Irlav Jarol's corpse never disappears from its location.


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