For this location in The Elder Scrolls Online, see Vlastarus.

Fort Vlastarus is a fort located east of Skingrad, south of the Gold Road. It is northeast of Gro-Bak Camp. The fort is mostly collapsed as are the secondary ruins.

A couple of peony and some Viper's Bugloss are to the south but flax and alkanet perforate the ruins. To the northeast more alkanet and flax sit near an Ayleid Well.


  • Fort Vlastarus

This one-leveled ruin has a few corridors before ending first in a cave like room with columns, then further in ends with a large room with corpses hanging from the ceiling. In the middle is a coffin but there is little of value in it. Several chests can be found with small amount of random items.

Rats and wolves are present along with a few vampires and other leveled creatures.


A Venerable VintageEdit

Two bottles of Shadowbanish Wine are found within. They can be found in a chest after going through most of the ruin.


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