Fortify Alchemy is an effect used in Enchanting. It can be used to enchant specific pieces of Apparel (headgear, bracers, ring, amulet) once the enchantment has been learned. The enchantment increases the potency of potions created using Alchemy by a certain percentage. It should be noted that none of the ingredients contain the Fortify Alchemy effect. It is only found as an enchantment. The best use for it is to make powerful fortify smithing potions to improve your weapons far beyond the level of Legendary.

How to learnEdit

  • The Ring of Pure Mixtures, needed for the miscellaneous quest involving Frida at The Mortar and Pestle. As a necessary item, it cannot be disenchanted to learn Fortify Alchemy. However, the Dragonborn can disenchant the Ring of Pure Mixtures after completing the quest and then pickpocketing the ring from Frida.
  • Items are randomly generated with the effect and appear in shops across the nine holds. Simply check in with local blacksmiths and general traders occasionally and you are bound to come across an item with the enchantment. At high levels, it is often enchanted with Peerless Alchemy.
  • Loot chests from dungeons and higher leveled enemies/creatures may have items with the enchant of various degrees.


The following items can be enchanted with Fortify Alchemy:

  • Helmets, hoods, and circlets
  • Amulets and necklaces
  • Gauntlets, bracers, and gloves
  • Rings



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