Fortify Attribute MW
For other uses, see Fortify Attribute.
"This effect temporarily increases the value of one of a subject's attributes. Only Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, Speed, Endurance, Personality, and Luck are affected. Any derived attributes are recalculated. Attributes return to their original values when the spell ends. The magnitude is the value of the increase of the attribute."
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Construction Set[src]

Fortify Attribute is a magic effect in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that is a member of the Restoration school of magic, governed by Willpower. Its base Magicka cost is 1 point.


The following spells consist of a Fortify Attribute effect. They may include additional effects. See articles for details.

Fortify Attribute Spells
Name Type Cost
Range GoldIcon Base ID
Adrenaline Rush Power0252560Self adrenaline rush
Aralor's Intervention Spell1552880Touch aralor's intervention
Almalexia's Blessing TR Spell6055240Touch almalexia's blessing
Blessings of the First Corner Spell110202880Touch shrine_dagonfel_sp
Blessings of the Fourth Corner Spell238681251440Touch shrine_alddaedroth_sp
Charioteer Ability0252515Self charioteer ability
Charisma Spell30101060Selfcharisma
Colovia's Grace Spell1515720Self colovia's grace
Corprus Blight Disease0110Self corprus
Daedric Agility Spell90202090Self daedric agility
Daedric Endurance Spell90202090Self daedric endurance
Daedric Intelligence Spell90202090Self daedric intelligence
Daedric Luck Spell90202090Self daedric luck
Daedric Personality Spell90202090Self daedric personality
Daedric Speed Spell90202090Self daedric speed
Daedric Strength Spell90202090Self daedric strength
Daedric Willpower Spell90202090Selfdaedric willpower
Divine Abilities Ability0100100ConstantSelf Vivec_Abilities
Divine Aid Spell60101060Selfdivine aid
Emperor's Blessing Spell118720Self emperor's blessing
Erlendr's Speed BM Spell11010180Touch stone_erlendr
Feet of Notorgo Spell45101090Selffeet of notorgo
Fortitude Spell30101060Selffortitude
Gaenor's Abilities TR Ability0500500ConstantSelf gaenor_abilities
Her Hand TR Ability070
ConstantSelf Her_Hand
Hunroor's Agility BM Spell11010180Touch stone_hunroor
Iron Will Spell30101060Selfiron will
Jack of Trades Spell30101060Selfjack of trades
Lady's Favor Ability0252515Self lady's favor
Lady's Grace Ability
lady's grace
lady's grace shrine
Luck of the Emperor Power02020120Self luck_of_the_emperor
Lustidrike Cocktail Spell235530Target lustidrike_cocktail
Maar Gan Shrine Spell144010102880Touch shrine_maargan_sp
Mooncalf Ability02525ConstantSelf mooncalf ability
Mount Kand Shrine Spell288010102880Touch shrine_mountkand_sp
Nikulas's Personality BM Spell11010180Touch stone_nikulas
Nimbleness Spell30101060Selfnimbleness
Orc Strength Spell3852060Selforc's strength
Palace Blessings Spell010102880Touch shrine_palace_sp
Quicksilver Spell30101060SelfQuicksilver
Rilm's Grace Spell720552880Touch rilm's grace
Sanctus Shrine Spell288010102880Touch shrine_sanctus_sp
Sheogorath's Blessing Spell4320020201440Target sheogorath's blessing
Skylamp's Shadow Spell1952030Self skylamp's shadow
The Eight Gifts Spell118720Self the eight gifts
The Eight Wonders Spell118720Self the eight wonders
The Rock of Llothis Spell1552880Touch the rock of llothis
Troll Strength Spell30101060SelfTroll Strength
Turn of the Wheel Spell1952030Selfturn of the wheel
Ulfgar's Strength BM Spell11010180Touch stone_ulfgar
Vampirism Ability02020ConstantSelf vampire attributes
vampire aundae specials
vampire berne specials
vampire quarra specials
Vivec's Humility Spell720552880Touch vivec's humility
Vivec's Mystery Spell110102880Touch vivec's mystery
Wisdom Spell30101060Selfwisdom
Wulfharth's Cups Spell118720Self wulfharth's cups
wulfharth’s cups
Zenithar's Gospel Spell45101090SelfZenithar_gospel
GoldIcon = Available for purchase from a spell merchant.


The following spell merchants are purveyors of one or more spells consisting of a Fortify Attribute effect:

Fortify Attribute Merchants
Amarie Charien Imperial Legion10Moonmoth Legion Fort: InteriorDaedric Willpower
Arrille None20Seyda Neen: Arrille's TradehouseJack of Trades
Bronrod the Roarer BM Skaal8Skaal Village: Bronrod the Roarer's HouseOrc Strength
Dileno Lloran * Tribunal Temple10Vivec, Temple Canton: High FaneCharisma
Divine Aid
Troll Strength
Turn of the Wheel
Eldrilu Dalen Tribunal Temple10Vos: ChapelFortitude
Fanildil Imperial Legion10Ebonheart: Hawkmoth Legion GarrisonCharisma
Iron Will
Felara Andrethi Telvanni10Tel Aruhn: Tower Living QuartersDivine Aid
Guls Llervu Redoran10Ald'ruhn: Guls Llervu's HouseCharisma
Divine Aid
Troll Strength
Lalatia Varian * Imperial Cult10Ebonheart: Imperial ChapelsDivine Aid
Iron Will
Laurina Maria TR None18Mournhold: Royal Palace, Imperial Cult ServicesZenithar's Gospel
Llarara Omayn Tribunal Temple10Balmora: TempleDivine Aid
Lloros Sarano Redoran10Ald'ruhn: TempleCharisma
Divine Aid
Orc Strength
Mehra Drora Tribunal Temple10Gnisis: TempleIron Will
Mehra Helas TR Tribunal Temple10Mournhold: Temple CourtyardIron Will
Nebia Amphia Imperial Legion10Ebonheart: Hawkmoth Legion GarrisonCharisma
Orc Strength
Nerile Andaren TR Tribunal Temple8Mournhold: Temple: Hall of MinistryOrc Strength
Troll Strength
Zenithar's Gospel
Nilvyn Drothan Tribunal Temple10Ghostgate: Ghostgate TempleCharisma
Iron Will
Niras Farys Tribunal Temple10Sadrith Mora: Telvanni Council House ChambersDivine Aid
Only-He-Stands-There None10Balmora: South Wall CornerclubFeet of Notorgo
Relms Gilvilo Redoran10Vivec, Redoran Canton: Temple ShrineFortitude
Troll Strength
Turn of the Wheel
Rirnas Athren Tribunal Temple10Vivec, Hlaalu Canton: TempleCharisma
Salen Ravel Tribunal Temple10Maar Gan: ShrineCharisma
Iron Will
Troll Strength
Scelian Plebo Imperial Cult10Sadrith Mora: Wolverine Hall: Imperial ShrineCharisma
Feet of Notorgo
Iron Will
Jack of Trades
Zenithar's Gospel
Sedris Omalen Redoran10Maar Gan: OutpostFortitude
Somutis Vunnis Imperial Cult16Moonmoth Legion Fort: InteriorDivine Aid
Feet of Notorgo
Jack of Trades
Troll Strength
Sonummu Zabamat Ashlander10Zainab Camp: Wise Woman's YurtDivine Aid
Tunila Omavel * Telvanni10Tel Uvirith: Omavel's HouseDivine Aid
Ulmiso Maloren Tribunal Temple10Ghostgate: Tower of Dawn Lower LevelZenithar's Gospel
Uvele Berendas * Redoran10Indarys Manor: Berendas' HouseIron Will

* This person's services are available to faction members of a sufficient rank only.


The following items consist of a Fortify Attribute effect. They may include additional effects. See articles for details.

Apparel and jewelryEdit

Enchanted Apparel and Jewelry
Item Type Magnitude
Item ID
Aesliip's Ring BM Ring1010ConstantBM_ring_Aesliip
Amulet of Heartfire Amulet102030artifact_amulet of heartfire
Amulet of Heartheal Amulet102030artifact_amulet of heartheal
Amulet of Infectious Charm BM Amulet303030amulet of infectious charm
Amulet of Mighty Blows Amulet52030amulet of mighty blows
Amulet of Unity Amulet1010120amulet_unity_uniq
Belt of Charisma Belt11030belt of charisma
Belt of Fortitude Belt52030belt of fortitude
Belt of Iron Will Belt10
30belt of iron will
belt of feet of notorgo
Belt of Jack of Trades Belt1105belt of jack of trades
Belt of Nimbleness Belt1105belt of nimbleness
Belt of Orc's Strength Belt52030belt of orc's strength
Belt of the Armor of God Belt101030belt of the armor of god
Belt of Wisdom Belt1105belt of wisdom
Bugharz's Belt Belt52030bugharz's belt
Caius' Ring Ring202030Caius_ring
Embroidered Belt Belt101030peakstar_belt_unique
Fighter Ring Ring5530fighter_ring
Gaenor's Amulet TR Amulet1515Constantamulet_gaenor
Gambolpuddy Right Glove153030extravagant_rt_art_wild
Heartstone Ring52030heartstone
Helseth's Collar TR Amulet55ConstantHelseth's Collar
Hunter's Amulet of Speed BM Amulet1010Constantbm_amulspd1
Hunter's Amulet of Strength BM Amulet1010Constantbm_amulstr1
Left Hand of Zenithar Left Glove55ConstantLeft_Hand_of_Zenithar
Mage Ring Ring5530mage_ring
Malipu-Ataman's Belt Belt101030malipu_ataman's_belt
Mentor's Ring Ring1010Constantring_mentor_unique
Moon-and-Star Ring55Constantmoon_and_star
Necromancer's Amulet Amulet2525Constantnecromancers_amulet_uniq
Ralen Family Belt TR Belt55Constantbelt_goval
Right Hand of Zenithar Right Glove55ConstantRight_Hand_of_Zenithar
Ring of Khajiit Ring102030ring_khajiit_unique
Ring of the Wind Ring3030Constantring_wind_unique
Robe of Erur-Dan the Wise Robe33020robe_of_erur_dan
Robe of the Drake's Pride Robe1010Constantexquisite_robe_drake's pride
Sanit-Kil's Heart of Fire Amulet203015heart_of_fire
Sheogorath's Signet Ring Ring1010ConstantSheogorath's Signet Ring
Shoes of Conviction Shoes101020Shoes_of_Conviction
Shoes of St. Rilms Shoes55Constantshoes of st. rilms
Tailored Trousers Pants33Constanttailored_trousers
Thief Ring Ring5530thief_ring
Warlock's Ring Ring102030ring_warlock_unique


Enchanted Armor
Item Type Magnitude
Duration Item ID
Bonedancer Gauntlet Light Right Gauntlet55Constantbonedancer gauntlet
Boots of Blinding Speed Light Boots200200Constantboots of blinding speed[unique]
Conoon Chodala's Boots Light Boots101030conoon_chodala_boots_unique
Dreugh Cuirass Medium Cuirass101060dreugh_cuirass_ttrm
Fists of Randagulf (Left Gauntlet) Heavy Left Gauntlet2020Constantgauntlet_fists_l_unique
Fists of Randagulf (Right Gauntlet) Heavy Right Gauntlet2020Constantgauntlet_fists_r_unique
Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw Heavy Helmet4040Constanthelm_bearclaw_unique
Helm of the Wolf's Heart BM Light Helmet55ConstantBM Wolf Helmet_heartfang
Helmet of Bearkind BM Medium Helmet103010BM Bear Helmet_ber
Her Hand's Boots TR Heavy Boots55ConstantIndoril_Almalexia_boots
Her Hand's Left Gauntlet TR Heavy Left Gauntlet55ConstantIndoril_Almalexia_gauntlet_L
Masque of Clavicus Vile Heavy Helmet3030Constantdaedric_helm_clavicusvile
Paws of the Wolf-Runner BM Light Boots1010Constantwolfwalkers
Ten Pace Boots Heavy Boots2020120tenpaceboots


First effect ingredients can be consumed raw for the effect. Otherwise they must be combined using Alchemy.

Alchemy Ingredients
IngredientWeightIconGoldIconFirst EffectSecond EffectThird EffectFourth EffectItem ID
Ash Yam 0.501 ingred_ash_yam_01
Bear Pelt BM 1.002 ingred_bear_pelt
Bloat 0.105 ingred_bloat_01
Corkbulb Root 0.105 ingred_corkbulb_root_01
Corprus Weepings 0.1050 ingred_corprus_weepings_01
Daedra's Heart 1.00200 ingred_daedras_heart_01
Daedra Skin 0.20200 ingred_daedra_skin_01
Dreugh Wax 0.20100 ingred_dreugh_wax_01
Durzog Meat TR 2.007 ingred_durzog_meat_01
Ectoplasm 0.1010 ingred_ectoplasm_01
Fire Salts 0.10100 ingred_fire_salts_01
Flaming Eye of the Lightkeeper BM 1.0015 ingred_eyeball_unique
Girith's Guar Hide 1.005 ingred_guar_hide_girith
Golden Sedge Flowers TR 1.001 Ingred_golden_sedge_01
Grahl Eyeball BM 1.0015 ingred_eyeball
Green Lichen 0.101 ingred_green_lichen_01
Guar Hide 1.005 ingred_guar_hide_01
Heart of an Innocent BM 1.0010 ingred_innocent_heart
Heart of the Udyrfrykte BM 5.00300 ingred_udyrfrykte_heart
Heart of the Wolf BM 1.00100 ingred_wolf_heart
Heartwood BM 1.00200 ingred_heartwood_01
Horker Tusk BM 0.105 ingred_horker_tusk_01
Kagouti Hide 1.002 ingred_kagouti_hide_01
Kresh Fiber 0.101 ingred_kresh_fiber_01
Marsus' Guar Hide 1.005 ingred_guar_hide_marsus
Meadow Rye TR 1.001 Ingred_meadow_rye_01
Meteor Slime 0.1010 ingred_scrib_jelly_02
Moon Sugar 0.1050 ingred_moon_sugar_01
Netch Leather 1.001 ingred_netch_leather_01
Nirthfly Stalks TR 1.001 Ingred_nirthfly_stalks_01
Noble Sedge Flowers TR 1.001 Ingred_noble_sedge_01
Roobrush 0.101 ingred_roobrush_01
Scrib Cabbage TR 1.001 Ingred_scrib_cabbage_01
Scrib Jelly 0.1010 ingred_scrib_jelly_01
Shalk Resin 0.1050 ingred_shalk_resin_01
Sload Soap 0.1050 ingred_sload_soap_01
Snow Bear Pelt BM 1.002 ingred_snowbear_pelt_unique
Snow Wolf Pelt BM 1.002 ingred_snowwolf_pelt_unique
Stoneflower Petals 0.101 ingred_stoneflower_petals_01
Vampire Dust 0.10500 ingred_vampire_dust_01
Wickwheat 0.101 ingred_wickwheat_01
Wolf Pelt BM 1.002 ingred_wolf_pelt

Potions and scrollsEdit

Potions and Scrolls
Item Type WeightIcon GoldIcon Magnitude
Item ID
Bargain Fortify Agility Potion1.505558p_fortify_agility_b
Bargain Fortify Endurance Potion1.505558p_fortify_endurance_b
Bargain Fortify Intelligence Potion1.505558p_fortify_intelligence_b
Bargain Fortify Personality Potion1.505558p_fortify_personality_b
Bargain Fortify Strength Potion1.505558p_fortify_strength_b
Bargain Fortify Willpower Potion1.505558p_fortify_willpower_b
Bargain Potion of Fortify Luck Potion1.505558p_fortify_luck_b
Bargain Potion of Fortify Speed Potion1.505558p_fortify_speed_b
Blood of the Quarra Masters Potion0.505000505020p_quarablood_UNIQUE
Cheap Fortify Agility Potion1.00158815p_fortify_agility_c
Cheap Fortify Endurance Potion1.00158815p_fortify_endurance_c
Cheap Fortify Intelligence Potion1.00158815p_fortify_intelligence_c
Cheap Fortify Personality Potion1.00158815p_fortify_personality_c
Cheap Fortify Strength Potion1.00158815p_fortify_strength_c
Cheap Fortify Willpower Potion1.00158815p_fortify_willpower_c
Cheap Potion of Fortify Luck Potion1.00158815p_fortify_luck_c
Cheap Potion of Fortify Speed Potion1.00158815p_fortify_speed_c
Cyrodilic Brandy Potion1.00100202060potion_cyro_brandy_01
Exclusive Fortify Agility Potion0.25175202060p_fortify_agility_e
Exclusive Fortify Endurance Potion0.25175202060p_fortify_endurance_e
Exclusive Fortify Intelligence Potion0.25175202060p_fortify_intelligence_e
Exclusive Fortify Luck Potion0.25175202060p_fortify_luck_e
Exclusive Fortify Personality Potion0.25175202060p_fortify_personality_e
Exclusive Fortify Speed Potion0.25175202060p_fortify_speed_e
Exclusive Fortify Strength Potion0.25175202060p_fortify_strength_e
Exclusive Fortify Willpower Potion0.25175202060p_fortify_willpower_e
Flin Potion1.00100202060Potion_Cyro_Whiskey_01
Greef Potion5.0030202060potion_comberry_brandy_01
Hulking Fabricant Elixir TR Potion5.00100101010hulking_fabricant_elixir
Mazte Potion5.0010202060Potion_Local_Brew_01
Nord Mead BM Potion1.0080303060potion_nord_mead
Quality Fortify Agility Potion0.5080151545p_fortify_agility_q
Quality Fortify Endurance Potion0.5080151545p_fortify_endurance_q
Quality Fortify Intelligence Potion0.5080151545p_fortify_intelligence_q
Quality Fortify Personality Potion0.5080151545p_fortify_personality_q
Quality Fortify Strength Potion0.5080151545p_fortify_strength_q
Quality Fortify Willpower Potion0.5080151545p_fortify_willpower_q
Quality Potion of Fortify Luck Potion0.5080151545p_fortify_luck_q
Quality Potion of Fortify Speed Potion0.5080151545p_fortify_speed_q
Shein Potion3.0010101060potion_comberry_wine_01
Sinyaramen's Potion Potion0.501502202020p_sinyaramen_UNIQUE
Skooma Potion1.00500202060potion_skooma_01
Standard Fortify Agility Potion Potion0.7535101030p_fortify_agility_s
Standard Fortify Endurance Potion0.7535101030p_fortify_endurance_s
Standard Fortify Intelligence Potion0.7535101030p_fortify_intelligence_s
Standard Fortify Luck Potion Potion0.7535101030p_fortify_luck_s
Standard Fortify Personality Potion0.7535101030p_fortify_personality_s
Standard Fortify Speed Potion0.7535101030p_fortify_speed_s
Standard Fortify Strength Potion0.7535101030p_fortify_strength_s
Standard Fortify Willpower Potion0.7535101030p_fortify_willpower_s
Sujamma Potion3.0030505060potion_local_liquor_01
Telvanni Bug Musk Potion1.50100404060potion_t_bug_musk_01
Verminous Fabricant Elixir TR Potion5.00100101010verminous_fabricant_elixir
Vintage Brandy Potion1.005003030360p_vintagecomberrybrandy1


Weapon damage varies by attack type (chop, slash, or thrust). Refer to individual articles for detailed information.

Enchanted Weapons
Weapon Type Magnitude
Item ID
Bow of Shadows Bow203030longbow_shadows_unique
Clanbringer BM Long Blade 1H15120BM nordic silver longsword_cft
Dagger of Symmachus TR Short Blade 1H1010Constantglass dagger_symmachus_unique
glass dagger_symmachus_unique_x
Haakon's Lucky Break BM Blunt 2H15030Lucky_Break
Keening Short Blade 1H2020Constantkeening
Severia's Imperial Shortsword BM Short Blade 1H11030imperial shortsword severio
Sunder Blunt 1H2020Constantsunder
War Axe of Airan Ammu Axe 1H153015war_axe_airan_ammu


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