Fortify Lockpicking is an alchemical and enchantment effect in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It makes lockpicking easier in the same way a higher skill does, although temporarily — while worn, in case of armor, or until the effect wears off, for potions.


As an enchantment effect, it is available for gloves/bracers, headgear, necklaces and rings.

Unique apparelEdit

The following pieces of apparel bear this enchantment:


Random potions providing this effect are: Potion (20% bonus), Draught (30%), Philter (40%), and Elixir (50%) of Lockpicking.

Crafting potions bearing the Fortify Lockpicking effect require two of the following ingredients:


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 PS3   If the Dragonborn has the "Locksmith perk" in the Lockpicking skill tree and has used the Restoration/Alchemy Exploit to enchant an item of apparel with Fortify Lockpicking, sometimes the lockpick will be out of the range of rotation for the player to reach. However, since the Restoration/Alchemy Exploit and an extreme Fortify Lockpicking Enchantment normally causes any ranked lock to be picked without movement of the lockpick, this may not occur.


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