Fortify Skill MW
For other uses, see Fortify Skill.
"This effect temporarily increases the value of one of a subject's skills. The skill returns to its original value when the spell ends. The magnitude is the value of the increase in the skill."
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Construction Set[src]

Fortify Skill is an effect in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that is a member of the Restoration school of magic, governed by Willpower. Its base Magicka cost is 1 point.


The following spells consist of a Fortify Skill effect. They may include additional effects. See articles for details.

Fortify Skill Spells
Name Type Cost
Range GoldIcon Base ID
Assured Balanced Armor Spell30101060Self assured balanced armor
Assured Deep Biting Spell30101060Self assured deep biting
Assured Denial Spell30101060Self assured denial
Assured Enterprise Spell30101060Self assured enterprise
Assured Fleetness Spell30101060Self assured fleetness
Assured Fluid Evasion Spell30101060Self assured fluid evasion
Assured Glib Speech Spell30101060Self assured glib speech
Assured Golden Wisdom Spell30101060Self assured golden wisdom
Assured Green Wisdom Spell30101060Self assured green wisdom
Assured Hewing Spell30101060Self assured hewing
Assured Horny Fist Spell30101060Self assured horny fist
Assured Impaling Thrust Spell30101060Self assured impaling thrust
Assured Leaping Spell30101060Self assured leaping
Assured Martial Craft Spell30101060Self assured martial craft
Assured Nimble Armor Spell30101060Self assured nimble armor
Assured Red Wisdom Spell30101060Self assured red wisdom
Assured Safekeeping Spell30101060Self assured safekeeping
Assured Silver Wisdom Spell30101060Self assured silver wisdom
Assured Smiting Spell30101060Self assured smiting
Assured Stalking Spell30101060Self assured stalking
Assured Stolid Armor Spell30101060Self assured stolid armor
Assured Sublime Wisdom Spell30101060Selfassured sublime wisdom
Assured Sureflight Spell30101060Self assured sureflight
Assured Swiftblade Spell30101060Self assured swiftblade
Assured Transcendant Wisdom Spell30101060Self assured transcendant wisdom
Assured Transfiguring Wisdom Spell30101060Self assured transfiguring wisdom
Assured Unseen Wisdom Spell30101060Self assured unseen wisdom
Blessings of the Second Corner Spell110102880Self shrine_aldsotha_sp
Blessings of the Third Corner Spell30551440Self shrine_balur2_sp
Eye of Talos Spell118720Self eye of talos
Felms' Glory Spell1552882Touch felms' glory
Fortify Acrobatics Skill Spell30101060Self fortify acrobatics skill
Fortify Alchemy Skill Spell30101060Self fortify alchemy skill
Fortify Alteration Skill Spell30101060Selffortify alteration skill
Fortify Armorer Skill Spell30101060Self fortify armorer skill
Fortify Athletics Skill Spell30101060Self fortify athletics skill
Fortify Axe Skill Spell30101060Self fortify axe skill
Fortify Block Skill Spell30101060Self fortify block skill
Fortify Blunt Weapons Skill Spell30101060Self fortify blunt weapons skill
Fortify Conjuration Skill Spell30101060Self fortify conjuration skill
Fortify Destruction Skill Spell30101060Self fortify destruction skill
Fortify Enchant Skill Spell30101060Self fortify enchant skill
Fortify Hand to Hand Skill Spell30101060Self fortify hand to hand skill
Fortify Heavy Armor Skill Spell30101060Self fortify heavy armor skill
Fortify Illusion Skill Spell30101060Selffortify illusion skill
Fortify Light Armor Skill Spell30101060Self fortify light armor skill
Fortify Long Blade Skill Spell30101060Self fortify long blade skill
Fortify Marksman Skill Spell30101060Self fortify marksman skill
Fortify Medium Armor Skill Spell30101060Self fortify medium armor skill
Fortify Mercantile Skill Spell30101060Self fortify mercantile skill
Fortify Mysticism Skill Spell30101060Selffortify mysticism skill
Fortify Restoration Skill Spell30101060Selffortify restoration skill
Fortify Security Skill Spell30101060Self fortify security skill
Fortify Short Blade Skill Spell30101060Self fortify short blade skill
Fortify Sneak Skill Spell30101060Self fortify sneak skill
Fortify Spear Skill Spell30101060Self fortify spear skill
Fortify Speechcraft Skill Spell30101060Self fortify speechcraft skill
Fortify Unarmored Skill Spell30101060Selffortify unarmored skill
Hand of the Hart-King Spell118720Self hand of the hart-king
Her Hand TR Ability0100
ConstantSelf Her_Hand
Her Ironskin TR Ability055ConstantSelf her_ironskin
Her Mirror TR Ability04545ConstantSelf Her_Mirror
Icarian Flight Spell05005005Self icarian_flight
Imperial Acrobatics Skill Spell118720Self imperial acrobatics skill
Imperial Alchemy Skill Spell118720Self imperial alchemy skill
Imperial Alteration Skill Spell118720Self imperial alteration skill
Imperial Armorer Skill Spell118720Self imperial armorer skill
Imperial Athletics Skill Spell118720Self imperial athletics skill
Imperial Axe Skill Spell118720Self imperial axe skill
Imperial Block Skill Spell118720Self imperial block skill
Imperial Blunt Weapon Skill Spell118720Self imperial blunt weapon skill
Imperial Conjuration Skill Spell118720Self imperial conjuration skill
Imperial Destruction Skill Spell118720Self imperial destruction skill
Imperial Enchant Skill Spell118720Self imperial enchant skill
Imperial Hand to Hand Skill Spell118720Self imperial hand to hand skill
Imperial Heavy Armor Skill Spell118720Self imperial heavy armor skill
Imperial Illusion Skill Spell118720Self imperial illusion skill
Imperial Light Armor Skill Spell118720Self imperial light armor skill
Imperial Long Blade Skill Spell118720Self imperial long blade skill
Imperial Marksman Skill Spell118720Self imperial marksman skill
Imperial Medium Armor Skill Spell118720Self imperial medium armor skill
Imperial Mercantile Skill Spell118720Self imperial mercantile skill
Imperial Mysticism Skill Spell118720Self imperial mysticism skill
Imperial Restoration Skill Spell118720Self imperial restoration skill
Imperial Security Skill Spell118720Self imperial security skill
Imperial Short Blade Skill Spell118720Self imperial short blade skill
Imperial Sneak Skill Spell118720Self imperial sneak skill
Imperial Spear Skill Spell118720Self imperial spear skill
Imperial Speechcraft Skill Spell118720Self imperial speechcraft skill
Imperial Unarmored Skill Spell118720Self imperial unarmored skill
Koal Cave Blessing Spell010102880Touch shrine_koalcave_sp
Maar Gan Shrine Spell144010102880Touch shrine_maargan_sp
Masterful Balanced Armor Spell45151560Self masterful balanced armor
Masterful Deep Biting Spell45151560Self masterful deep biting
Masterful Denial Spell45151560Self masterful denial
Masterful Enterprise Spell45151560Self masterful enterprise
Masterful Fleetness Spell45151560Self masterful fleetness
Masterful Fluid Evasion Spell45151560Selfmasterful fluid evasion
Masterful Glib Speech Spell45151560Self masterful glib speech
Masterful Golden Wisdom Spell45151560Selfmasterful golden wisdom
Masterful Green Wisdom Spell45151560Selfmasterful green wisdom
Masterful Hewing Spell45151560Self masterful hewing
Masterful Horny Fist Spell45151560Self masterful horny fist
Masterful Impaling Thrust Spell45151560Self masterful impaling thrust
Masterful Leaping Spell45151560Self masterful leaping
Masterful Martial Craft Spell45151560Self masterful martial craft
Masterful Nimble Armor Spell45151560Self masterful nimble armor
Masterful Red Wisdom Spell45151560Selfmasteful red wisdom
masterful red wisdom
Masterful Safekeeping Spell45151560Self masterful safekeeping
Masterful Silver Wisdom Spell45151560Selfmasterful silver wisdom
Masterful Smiting Spell45151560Self masterful smiting
Masterful Stalking Spell45151560Self masterful stalking
Masterful Stolid Armor Spell45151560Self masteful stolid armor
masterful stolid armor
Masterful Sublime Wisdom Spell45151560Selfmasterful sublime wisdom
Masterful Sureflight Spell45151560Self masterful sureflight
Masterful Swiftblade Spell45151560Self masterful swiftblade
Masterful Transcendant Wisdom Spell45151560Selfmasterful transcendant wisdom
Masterful Transfiguring Wisdom Spell45151560Self masterful transfiguring wisdom
Masterful Unseen Wisdom Spell45151560Selfmasterful unseen wisdom
Mooneye Ability02525ConstantSelf mooneye ability
Palace Blessings Spell010102880Touch shrine_palace_sp
Royal Blood TR Ability05050ConstantSelf Royal_Blood
Saguine Leaping Spell15101030Self saguine leaping
Sanguine Balanced Armor Spell15101030Self dynamic balanced armor
Sanguine Deep Biting Spell15101030Self dynamic deep biting
Sanguine Denial Spell15101030Self dynamic denial
Sanguine Enterprise Spell15101030Self dynamic enterprise
Sanguine Fleetness Spell15101030Self dynamic fleetness
Sanguine Fluid Evasion Spell15101030Self dynamic fluid evasion
Sanguine Glib Speech Spell15101030Self dynamic glib speech
Sanguine Golden Wisdom Spell15101030Self dynamic golden wisdom
Sanguine Green Wisdom Spell1335Self dynamic green wisdom
Sanguine Hewing Spell15101030Self dynamic hewing
Sanguine Horny Fist Spell15101030Self dynamic horny fist
Sanguine Impaling Thrust Spell15101030Self dynamic impaling thrust
Sanguine Martial Craft Spell15101030Self dynamic martial craft
Sanguine Nimble Armor Spell15101030Self dynamic nimble armor
Sanguine Red Wisdom Spell15101030Self masteful red wisdom
dynamic red wisdom
Sanguine Safekeeping Spell15101030Self dynamic safekeeping
Sanguine Silver Wisdom Spell15101030Self dynamic silver wisdom
Sanguine Smiting Spell15101030Self dynamic smiting
Sanguine Stalking Spell15101030Self dynamic stalking
Sanguine Stolid Armor Spell15101030Self masteful stolid armor
dynamic stolid armor
Sanguine Sublime Wisdom Spell15101030Self dynamic sublime wisdom
Sanguine Sureflight Spell15101030Self dynamic sureflight
Sanguine Swiftblade Spell15101030Self dynamic swiftblade
Sanguine Transcendant Wisdom Spell15101030Self dynamic transcendant wisdom
Sanguine Transfiguring Wisdom Spell15101030Self dynamic transfiguring wisdom
Sanguine Unseen Wisdom Spell15101030Self dynamic unseen wisdom
Sanil's Murdrum Spell45101030Self sanil's murdrum
Shrine Acrobatics Skill Spell1551440Self shrine acrobatics skill
Shrine Alchemy Skill Spell1551440Self shrine alchemy skill
Shrine Alteration Skill Spell1551440Self shrine alteration skill
Shrine Armorer Skill Spell1551440Self shrine armorer skill
Shrine Athletics Skill Spell1551440Self shrine athletics skill
Shrine Axe Skill Spell1551440Self shrine axe skill
Shrine Block Skill Spell1551440Self shrine block skill
Shrine Blunt Weapon Skill Spell1551440Self shrine blunt weapon skill
Shrine Conjuration Skill Spell1551440Self shrine conjuration skill
Shrine Destruction Skill Spell1551440Self shrine destruction skill
Shrine Enchant Skill Spell1551440Self shrine enchant skill
Shrine Hand to Hand Skill Spell1551440Self shrine hand to hand skill
Shrine Heavy Armor Skill Spell1551440Self shrine heavy armor skill
Shrine Illusion Skill Spell1551440Self shrine illusion skill
Shrine Light Armor Skill Spell1551440Self shrine light armor skill
Shrine Long Blade Skill Spell1551440Self shrine long blade skill
Shrine Marksman Skill Spell1551440Self shrine marksman skill
Shrine Medium Armor Skill Spell1551440Self shrine medium armor skill
Shrine Mercantile Skill Spell1551440Self shrine mercantile skill
Shrine Mysticism Skill Spell1551440Self shrine mysticism skill
Shrine Restoration Skill Spell1551440Self shrine restoration skill
Shrine Security Skill Spell1551440Self shrine security skill
Shrine Short Blade Skill Spell1551440Self shrine short blade skill
Shrine Sneak Skill Spell1551440Self shrine sneak skill
Shrine Spear Skill Spell1551440Self shrine spear skill
Shrine Speechcraft Skill Spell1551440Self shrine speechcraft skill
Shrine Unarmored Skill Spell1551440Self shrine unarmored skill
Surpassing Balanced Armor Spell36121260Self surpassing balanced armor
Surpassing Deep Biting Spell36121260Self surpassing deep biting
Surpassing Denial Spell36121260Self surpassing denial
Surpassing Enterprise Spell36121260Self surpassing enterprise
Surpassing Fleetness Spell36121260Self surpassing fleetness
Surpassing Fluid Evasion Spell36121260Selfsurpassing fluid evasion
Surpassing Glib Speech Spell36121260Self surpassing glib speech
Surpassing Golden Wisdom Spell36121260Selfsurpassing golden wisdom
Surpassing Green Wisdom Spell36121260Selfsurpassing green wisdom
Surpassing Hewing Spell36121260Self surpassing hewing
Surpassing Horny Fist Spell36121260Self surpassing horny fist
Surpassing Impaling Thrust Spell36121260Self surpassing impaling thrust
Surpassing Leaping Spell36121260Self surpassing leaping
Surpassing Martial Craft Spell36121260Self surpassing martial craft
Surpassing Nimble Armor Spell36121260Self surpassing nimble armor
Surpassing Red Wisdom Spell36121260Self surpassing red wisdom
Surpassing Safekeeping Spell36121260Self surpassing safekeeping
Surpassing Silver Wisdom Spell36121260Selfsurpassing silver wisdom
Surpassing Smiting Spell36121260Self surpassing smiting
Surpassing Stalking Spell36121260Self surpassing stalking
Surpassing Stolid Armor Spell36121260Self surpassing stolid armor
Surpassing Sublime Wisdom Spell36121260Selfsurpassing sublime wisdom
Surpassing Sunlight Spell36121260Self surpassing sunlight
surpassing sureflight
Surpassing Swiftblade Spell36121260Self surpassing swiftblade
Surpassing Transcendant Wisdom Spell36121260Self surpassing transcendant wisdom
Surpassing Transfiguring Wisdom Spell36121260Self surpassing transfiguring wisdom
Surpassing Unseen Wisdom Spell36121260Selfsurpassing unseen wisdom
The Eight Gifts Spell118720Self the eight gifts
The Red Diamond Spell118720Self the red diamond
Vampirism Ability02020ConstantSelf vampire aundae specials
vampire berne specials
vampire quarra specials
Vampirism Ability03030ConstantSelf vampire skills
Wild Fortify Acrobatics Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify acrobatics skill
Wild Fortify Alchemy Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify alchemy skill
Wild Fortify Alteration Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify alteration skill
Wild Fortify Armorer Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify armorer skill
Wild Fortify Athletics Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify athletics skill
Wild Fortify Axe Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify axe skill
Wild Fortify Block Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify block skill
Wild Fortify Blunt Weapon Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify blunt weapon skill
Wild Fortify Conjuration Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify conjuration skill
Wild Fortify Destruction Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify destruction skill
Wild Fortify Enchant Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify enchant skill
Wild Fortify Hand to Hand Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify hand to hand skill
Wild Fortify Heavy Armor Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify heavy armor skill
Wild Fortify Illusion Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify illusion skill
Wild Fortify Light Armor Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify light armor skill
Wild Fortify Long Blade Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify long blade skill
Wild Fortify Marksman Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify marksman skill
Wild Fortify Medium Armor Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify medium armor skill
Wild Fortify Mercantile Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify mercantile skill
Wild Fortify Mysticism Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify mysticism skill
Wild Fortify Restoration Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify restoration skill
Wild Fortify Security Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify security skill
Wild Fortify Short Blade Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify short blade skill
Wild Fortify Sneak Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify sneak skill
Wild Fortify Spear Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify spear skill
Wild Fortify Speechcraft Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify speechcraft skill
Wild Fortify Unarmored Skill Spell7953090Self wild fortify unarmored skill
Zenithar's Blessing Spell255590Self Zenithar_blessing
GoldIcon = Available for purchase from a spell merchant.


The following spell merchants are purveyors of one or more spells consisting of a Fortify Skill effect:

Fortify Skill Merchants
Bronrod the Roarer BM Skaal8Skaal Village: Bronrod the Roarer's HouseAssured Sublime Wisdom
Fortify Alteration Skill
Fortify Illusion Skill
Fortify Mysticism Skill
Fortify Restoration Skill
Fortify Unarmored Skill
Surpassing Fluid Evasion
Surpassing Golden Wisdom
Surpassing Green Wisdom
Surpassing Silver Wisdom
Surpassing Sublime Wisdom
Surpassing Unseen Wisdom
Crito Olcinius TR Imperial Cult18Mournhold: Royal Palace, Imperial Cult ServicesMasterful Fluid Evasion
Masterful Golden Wisdom
Masterful Green Wisdom
Masterful Red Wisdom
Masterful Sublime Wisdom
Masterful Transcendant Wisdom
Masterful Unseen Wisdom
Laurina Maria TR None18Mournhold: Royal Palace, Imperial Cult ServicesMasterful Fluid Evasion
Masterful Golden Wisdom
Masterful Green Wisdom
Masterful Unseen Wisdom
Nerile Andaren TR Tribunal Temple8Mournhold: Temple: Hall of MinistryMasterful Fluid Evasion
Masterful Golden Wisdom
Masterful Green Wisdom
Masterful Silver Wisdom
Masterful Sublime Wisdom

* This person's services are available to faction members of a sufficient rank only.


The following items consist of a Fortify Skill effect. They may include additional effects. See articles for details.

Apparel and jewelryEdit

Enchanted Apparel and Jewelry
Item Type Magnitude
Item ID
Akatosh's Ring Ring101060Akatosh's Ring
Akatosh Ring
Amulet of Heartfire Amulet102030artifact_amulet of heartfire
Amulet of Heartheal Amulet102030artifact_amulet of heartheal
Amulet of Heartrime Amulet202030artifact_amulet of heartrime
Amulet of Sanguine Enterprise Amulet55Constantsanguineamuletenterprise
Amulet of Sanguine Glib Speech Amulet55Constantsanguineamuletglibspeech
Amulet of Sanguine Nimble Armor Amulet55Constantsanguineamuletnimblearmor
Amulet of Unity Amulet55120amulet_unity_uniq
Amulet of Verbosity TR Amulet203030amulet of verbosity
Belt of Sanguine Balanced Armor Belt55Constantsanguinebeltbalancedarmor
Belt of Sanguine Deep Biting Belt55Constantsanguinebeltdeepbiting
Belt of Sanguine Denial Belt55Constantsanguinebeltdenial
Belt of Sanguine Fleetness Belt55Constantsanguinebeltfleetness
Belt of Sanguine Hewing Belt55Constantsanguinebelthewing
Belt of Sanguine Impaling Thrus Belt55Constantsanguinebeltimpaling
Belt of Sanguine Martial Craft Belt55Constantsanguinebeltmartialcraft
Belt of Sanguine Smiting Belt55Constantsanguinebeltsmiting
Belt of Sanguine Stolid Armor Belt55Constantsanguinebeltstolidarmor
Belt of Sanguine Sureflight Belt55Constantsanguinebeltsureflight
Caius' Ring Ring202030Caius_ring
Glove of Sanguine Horny Fist Right Glove55Constantsanguinerglovehornyfist
Glove of Sanguine Safekeeping Left Glove55Constantsanguinelglovesafekeeping
Glove of Sanguine Swiftblade Right Glove55Constantsanguinergloveswiftblade
Helseth's Collar TR Amulet1010ConstantHelseth's Collar
Hunter's Amulet of Speed BM Amulet1515Constantbm_amulspd1
Linus Iulus' Maran Amulet Amulet5530Linus_Iulus_Maran Amulet
Linus Iulus' Stendarran Belt Belt5530Linus_Iulus_Stendarran_Belt
Mantle of Woe BM Robe5050Constantmantle of woe
Maran Amulet Amulet5530Maran Amulet
Marara's Ring Ring1010Constantring_marara_unique
Moon-and-Star Ring55Constantmoon_and_star
Murdrum Ring Ring101030murdrum ring
Nuccius's Cursed Ring Ring5560Nuccius_ring
Ralen Family Belt TR Belt55Constantbelt_goval
Ring of Sanguine Fluid Evasion Ring55Constantsanguineringfluidevasion
Ring of Sanguine Golden Wisdom Ring55Constantsanguineringgoldenw
Ring of Sanguine Green Wisdom Ring55Constantsanguineringgreenw
Ring of Sanguine Red Wisdom Ring55Constantsanguineringredw
Ring of Sanguine Silver Wisdom Ring55Constantsanguineringsilverw
Ring of Sanguine Sublime Wisdom Ring55Constantsanguineringsublimew
Ring of Sanguine Transcendence Ring55Constantsanguineringtranscendw
Ring of Sanguine Transfiguring Ring55Constantsanguineringtransfigurw
Ring of Sanguine Unseen Wisdom Ring55Constantsanguineringunseenw
Septim Ring Ring101060Septim Ring
Shoes of Sanguine Leaping Shoes55Constantsanguineshoesleaping
Shoes of Sanguine Stalking Shoes55Constantsanguineshoesstalking
Stendarran Belt Belt5530Stendarran Belt
Suldreni's Amulet TR Amulet11020amulet_salandas
Zenithar's Frock Shirt5550Zenithar_Frock


Enchanted Armor
Item Type Magnitude
Duration Item ID
Bonemold Bracer of Horny Fist Medium Bracers7730rbonemold bracer of horny fist
lbonemold brace of horny fist [sic] [Do not change this to lbonemold bracer of horny fist. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.]
Helm of the Wolf's Heart BM Light Helmet55ConstantBM Wolf Helmet_heartfang
Helmet of Bearkind BM Medium Helmet103010BM Bear Helmet_ber
Her Hand's Cuirass TR Heavy Cuirass1010ConstantIndoril_Almalexia_Cuirass
Her Hand's Greaves TR Heavy Greaves55ConstantIndoril_Almalexia_Greaves
Her Hand's Shield TR Heavy Shield1010ConstantIndoril_Almalexia_shield
Left Cloth Horny Fist Bracer Light Left Bracer7730left cloth horny fist bracer
Left Gauntlet of Glory Light Left Gauntlet1010120Gauntlet_of_Glory_left
Left Gauntlet of the Horny Fist (Chitin) Light Left Gauntlet9930left gauntlet of the horny fist
Left Gauntlet of the Horny Fist (Netch) Light Left Gauntlet9930gauntlet _horny_fist_l
Left Glove of the Horny Fist Light Left Gauntlet7730left_horny_fist_gauntlet
Paws of the Wolf-Runner BM Light Boots1010Constantwolfwalkers
Right Cloth Horny Fist Bracer Light Right Bracer7730right cloth horny fist bracer
Right Gauntlet of Glory Light Right Gauntlet1010120gauntlet_of_glory_right
Right Glove of the Horny Fist Light Right Gauntlet7730right horny fist gauntlet
Right Gauntlet of the Horny Fist (Chitin) Light Right Gauntlet9930right gauntlet of horny fist
Right Gauntlet of the Horny Fist (Netch) Light Right Gauntlet9930gauntlet_horny_fist_r
Ten Pace Boots Heavy Boots2020120tenpaceboots

Potions and scrollsEdit

Potions and Scrolls
Item Type WeightIcon GoldIcon Magnitude
Item ID
Scroll of Icarian Flight Scroll0.20119100010007sc_icarianflight
Scroll of the Hidden Killer BM Scroll1.00211100
Spoiled Dwemer Oil TR Potion2.00200202030p_dwemer_lubricant00


Weapon damage varies by attack type (chop, slash, or thrust). Refer to individual articles for detailed information.

Enchanted Weapons
Weapon Type Magnitude
Item ID
Airan-Ahhe's Spirit Spear Spear101030Airan_Ahhe's_Spirit_Spear_uniq
Ancestral Wisdom Staff Blunt 2H1010100steelstaffancestors_ttsa
Blessed Spear TR Spear1010Constantebony spear_blessed_unique
Bound Longbow Bow1010Constantbound_longbow
Bound Longsword Long Blade 1H1010Constantbound_longsword
Bound Mace Blunt 1H1010Constantbound_mace
Bound Spear Spear1010Constantbound_spear
Dagger of Symmachus TR Short Blade 1H1010Constantglass dagger_symmachus_unique
glass dagger_symmachus_unique_x
Flying Viper Thrown135flying viper
Illkurok Spear1010Constantwe_illkurok
Nordic Silver Battleaxe BM Axe 2H1010ConstantBM_hunter_battleaxe_unique
Shimsil Short Blade 1H5530we_shimsil
Shortbow of Sanguine Sureflight Bow7730shortbow of sanguine sureflight
Silver Staff Blunt 2H10105silver_staff_dawn_uniq
Steel Broadsword of Hewing Long Blade 1H7730steel broadsword of hewing
Steel Claymore of Hewing Long Blade 2H7730steel claymore of hewing
Steel Spear of Impaling Thrust Spear7730steel spear of impaling thrust
Steel War Axe of Deep Biting Axe 1H7730steel war axe of deep biting
Steel Warhammer of Smiting Blunt 2H7730steel warhammer of smiting
Widowmaker Axe 2H2510010widowmaker_unique
Wizard's Staff Blunt 2H1010120ebony wizard's staff


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