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Fortify Skill spells temporarily bestow skills bonuses for a given duration. They will give one access to this skill type, and once it is acquired, they may then begin to make their own Fortify Skill spells. A way to get a Fortify Skill spell is to have the active effect "Fortify Skill" through enchanted apparel, and then use an Altar of Spellmaking, where one can choose the option to create a Fortify Skill spell. It is a simple process that, once understood, may easily be done.

Obtaining the spellEdit

Once the Fortify Skill effect has been bestowed on a character in any form, that character will "learn" it and may then use it for custom spells at the Arcane University. Because of this, the effect may be obtained either by buying a premade spell, by wearing enchanted apparel, holding the Daedric Skeleton Key, or obtaining a Greater Power from these Doomstones:

Suggested skillsEdit


It is advantageous to create spells such as "Fortify Mercantile 100 points for 1 second on Self" (A novice level spell that one can create). One can use this spell right before talking to a merchant and one's mercantile will be master level for the remainder of the time spent bartering with the merchant.


A "Fortify Armorer for 100 points for 1 second on Self" spell will get one the master level perk of unbreakable repair hammers. It does not, however, give them the journeyman perk of magical item repair, or the expert perk of being able to repair things beyond their use.


Fortify Security will allow one to pick locks with ease.


Fortifying Acrobatics will help you jump greater distances and heights.

Speed and AthleticsEdit

Fortifying both Speed and Athletics will give you an incredible speed boost.