How to Use These Lists[edit source]

Right-click context menu on selected text.

Step 1: Copy the Text[edit source]

Select the text from one of the boxes below and copy it.

Pasting the text into Notepad.

Step 2: Paste into Notepad[edit source]

Open up "Notepad" and paste in the text.

Naming the text file.

Step 3: Save the File to the Skyrim Directory[edit source]

In the "Save" dialog box, navigate to the Skyrim directory. Default directory locations are listed below.

  • Steam: "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim"
  • Non-Steam: "C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim" or "C:\Program Files\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim"

After that, name and save the file. It is recommended you use a simple and appropriate name. For example, if you are using the "All Obtainable Spells" list below, name the file "spells". When saving the file, be sure that it has no file extension (i.e. rename the file and remove the ".txt" from the end).

Character obtaining all spells.

Step 4: Run as a Batch File in Skyrim via the Console[edit source]

Start up Skyrim. While ingame, open the console (default key: ~ or `). Type "bat <file name>", without quotes and using the name of your text file. Continuing the example from above, you would type in "bat spells" and the console will handle the rest, granting all obtainable spells to your character.

Compiled Batch Lists[edit source]


Level up[edit source]

A legal way to level your skills and character without making any damage

All Legal Spells[edit source]

All Shouts[edit source]

Teaches and unlocks all shouts. Intended for batch use.

Max All Skills[edit source]

Pushes all skills to 100.

All Perks[edit source]

Grants all perks, in the correct orders.

Remove all Perks[edit source]

Removes all perks in reverse (to "All Perks" batch) order.

Max All Skills and All Perks[edit source]

Just Crafting Skills and Perks[edit source]

This will add only crafting skills and perks in the correct orders. (Enchanting, Smithing, Alchemy)

Loki's Power[edit source]

Spells, Shouts, skills, health, magicka, stamina, carry weight, perks, speed, instant Shout, level 86, map, items, and many more things!

God List[edit source]

All spells, Shouts, perks, max skills, 99999999999 health/magicka/stamina, instant Shout recovery rate, and sets level to 1 for extra unnecessary overkill.

All Ingredients[edit source]

Adds five of every ingredient. Change the "5" of any ingredient to customise output.

All Enchantments[edit source]

Here is an alphabetically organized list of all disenchantable items.

PS: Effect of drainblood battleaxe can't be stacked with other absorb health enchantments, i.e. you can get a duplicate of absorb magicka and stamina but not health. Please also refer to Enchanting as some of the unique enchantments cannot actually be placed on anything at the arcane enchanater. Ignore everything after " ; " in a line.

Get Resists[edit source]

Useful for figuring out various NPC resistances quickly. Just target and run.

Get Stats[edit source]

Useful for quickly getting the strengths/weaknessess of followers or foes.

Dremora's Wrath[edit source]

Become a pillar of Daedric fury. Note: You MUST start a new character for this list to work. Use this batch list only once, and only use it once you get off the cart at the beginning, but before you finish the quest "Unbound". The effects of this batch list are unknown for races other than Nord. The animations for Dremoras only work properly for 3rd person (Bethesda didn't program 1st person animations since you're not supposed to be a dremora anyway). In 1st person, it just shows your equipped items or spells(spells are just floating orbs of light) and the weapons/spells swing/cast properly, but without any appendages to make them do so.

Contains: Level 86, Dremora Race, All skills to 100, All perks, All shouts(Taught, must spend souls), All fire and fire-related spells, Dremora-related spells, Rage and Fear spells, Infinite shouts, high HP/Stamina/Magicka, and Enchanted Daedric armor and weapons.

Bugs: 1st person shows no arms. NPCs may respond to the character strangely. Becoming a werewolf or vampire may revert the player to their original race; fix with the command "player.setrace dremora".

Travel Mode[edit source]

For those times when you don't really want to "cheat" but get sick of waiting for dragons to land ;) or when you want to explore quickly (tim is on in case you fall off a cliff, happens quite often).

Travel On

Travel Off

Get All Skill Books[edit source]

Adds all skill books.

Get All Books[edit source]

Adds all books that are not journal, note, or tome type. Some of these might be skill or quest items.

Get All Keys[edit source]

Adds all available keys in game to your inventory. (For those who don't want to wait on the lockpicking sequence) Created by Leo Maximus

Make a Powerful Actor[edit source]

The selected actor is highly strengthened . --ILLo W (talk) 16:50, May 21, 2012 (UTC)

Features : High health, stamina, magicka, weapon speed, speed ...

Operates on a selected reference.

Notes : -Saving the game before using this Batch file is recommended

- Using this file twice (or more) on the same actor could cause issues

- To reverse the changes made on the actor, it is recommended to load a previous game-save, as some of the listed commands may persist. The potentially persistent commands are shown with a "!P!" notification sign.

-The selected actor becomes hardly vincible.

All Arrows[edit source]

For when you want instant arrows.

player.additem 00038341 999999
player.additem 00034182 999999
player.additem 000139C0 999999
player.additem 000139BF 999999
player.additem 000139BE 999999
player.additem 000139BD 999999
player.additem 000139BC 999999
player.additem 000139BB 999999
player.additem 0001397F 999999
player.additem 0001397D 999999
player.additem 00105EE7 999999
player.additem 000EAFDF 999999
player.additem 000E738A 999999
player.additem 000CEE9E 999999
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