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/me casts revify on old issue.

Reviving the issue of featured articles and good articles not having a concrete policy, I am here with an newly created featured article checklist. This is a list of proposed standards that an article must meet before becoming a featured article on the wiki. The article should be reviewed, ideally, by at least three frequent editors of the wiki, with at least one being an administrator. The nominator should not be involved with the evaluation, except to fix up errors pointed out by the reviewers.

This policy will help us maintain a firm grip on which articles are flagged as "featured" and "good". While I realize that this checklist does not include requirements for good-article-hood, but good articles, typically, are less "good" than featured articles, so I propose this: since the checklist contains 12 requirements, feature articles must meet each one, while good articles only need to meet 9 or 10 of those, which certain entries such as templates and spelling being necessary, with others being options. For example, it is current practice to allow a list of "sources" to exist on a lore article, without in-line citation, and have that article be highlighted as a "good article". Featured articles require in-text citations, conversely.

We are open to any and all suggestions. I would even like to establish a guild of editors, who are fully responsible for electing, nominating, and evaluating good and featured articles. Please leave a comment below or a message on my talk page, if you are interested in participating in such an endeavor. --—Deyvid Petteys (bother \ stalk) 20:40, July 12, 2012 (UTC)


Voting-support Support – As nominator.

Voting-support Support – This is a very good checklist for featured articles. Balagog gro-Nolob (talk) 00:58, July 13, 2012 (UTC)

Voting-support SupportElchzard (talk) 01:53, July 13, 2012 (UTC)




Voting-comment Comment – Additional rules to consider:

  1. Articles about items, weapons, and armor, should have all damage, gold, and weight values verified. All figures should be base value, unless comparison of maximum damage value is the goal of the section or article.
  2. All Console Command IDs must be verified either in-game with the construction set for that game.
  3. Articles in the main space should have no mention of unofficial mods.
  4. Each article should have a list of games in which that term, object, or person appears.
  5. Bugs should be verifiable, replicated, or sourced (with solutions wherever applicable).

(Some of these were suggested by Jimeee on the IRC.) --—Deyvid Petteys (bother \ stalk) 13:07, July 13, 2012 (UTC)

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