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Hiya guys!
I've recently had Wikia staff add a way for us to give new right to patrollers. These new rights will allow Patrollers to rename Images and Audio, relieving the strain on administrators - Who were the only people who could do it previously. They can also now patrol new pages, and have their own new pages automatically patrolled. But what do these three things mean? :O

New rights given to patrollers
  • movefile - Move pages in the File: namespace
  • patrol - Mark new pages as 'patrolled'
  • autopatrol - Their own new pages are automatically marked as 'patrolled'
  • suppressredirect - When renaming pages, the option to not leave a redirect behind is given

Moving files

You can move files exactly like you move normal pages, by clicking the down arrow next to the Scribe link at the top of any page, and pressing "Rename". When renaming an image, it's your responsibility to update any links to the Image in any pages. You can check if any pages link to a file by visting Special:WhatLinksHere and typing the file's name in the box, prefixed with "File:", and remembering to include the file extension (such as .jpg or .png).
If a file has lots of pages using it, but still has an inappropriate name, you can make a request for all these links to be updated by Veetor-Bot III. Make sure you leave the file's old name, and the name you've renamed it to.


When renaming files, redirects should be avoided. All patrollers now have the ability to prevent the creation of redirects when renaming files, so if possible, this should be done. Links should be updated before the rename occurs, and then the box reading "Leave a redirect behind" should be unticked on the Special:MovePage dialogue. When a lot of pages link to a file, a request should be made of Veetor-Bot III to change these links, but the file renamed first. In this case, the redirect should stay, and Veetor will delete if after the updating of links is done :)

Things to remember

  • Rename files like you do ordinary pages
  • Avoid redirects being created if possible
  • Update links to the file using Special:WhatLinksHere
    • If a lot of links exist, make a request that they all be updated.
  • On the Special:MovePage dialogue, make sure you prefix the name you're moving the file to with "File:" and a file extension. This is important. :3
  • If you're having any issues, contact an administrator.


Patrollers now the ability to mark new pages as patrolled. This mean, they have the added responsibility of scouting out Special:NewPages to ensure that newly created articles adhere to our style and formatting guidelines. To view the pages needing patrolled, go to Special:NewPages, unpatrolled pages have a teal colored background, while patrolled pages have our wiki's standard greyish-black background. At the top of the list is the ability to auto-refresh the list for a play-by-play of newly created articles. There is also the option to "hide" new pages that have already been patrolled, which brings up a log of unpatrolled pages that need fixing. Patrollers and admins do not need to have their new pages patrolled. As trusted wiki members, our pages are auto-checked.

Things to remember

Key things to consider while patrolling new pages:

  • Does the page have an infobox?
  • Is the page categorized?
  • Does the page have important terms wiki-linked?
  • Is the article a {{stub}}?
  • Does it require {{attention}}?
  • Are {{citation}}s needed to help verify the article?
  • Does the article need an image?

Once these key elements have been resolved, mark the page as patrolled. To patrol a page, open a link to that new page from Special:NewPages, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the blue link that reads [Mark this page as patrolled]. It appears similarly to the [rollback] tool all patrollers already have by default.


And I thought you had them! So, what does a patroller need to become a one? Energy X (talk) 14:34, June 30, 2012 (UTC)

lolwut? Had what? o.O
See TES:PATROL. Elchzard (talk) 22:14, June 30, 2012 (UTC)
I meant patrollers. I thought you already had patrollers. Energy X 16:21, July 1, 2012 (UTC)
We did have, they've just got new powers, as outlined by this :) Elchzard (talk) 16:50, July 1, 2012 (UTC)
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