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The Consensus track page is a forum for organizing vital discussions and debates, especially those concerning new policies or site-wide improvements. In contrast, the Council Club is a place for general-purpose talk.

Administrators: When closing a Consensus Track thread that results in a change of TESWiki policy, be sure to update The Elder Scrolls Wiki:Policy and consensus updates. Also, please consult The Elder Scrolls Wiki:Consensus when the outcome of a forum is unclear.

Consensus track listing

TopicLast EditLast Contributor
CT:Informing you all - Custodian usergroup01:15, December 22, 2017Atvelonis
TopicLast EditLast Contributor
CT:Cleaning up "Battles" Pages21:59, July 30, 2018Atvelonis
CT:Informing you all - Custodian usergroup01:15, December 22, 2017Atvelonis
CT:Dragons (Skyrim)00:51, June 6, 2017Timeoin
CT:Mod template01:00, September 10, 2016Atvelonis
CT:Veetor monthly unused image deletion20:38, August 22, 2016Atvelonis
CT:Putting mods into sections01:32, May 14, 2016Atvelonis
CT:Category Discussion03:51, March 16, 2016Atvelonis
CT:Infobox Revamp21:55, January 30, 2016Atvelonis
CT:Userbox requests09:32, April 1, 2015Timeoin
CT:Flagging bugs09:26, April 1, 2015Timeoin
CT:Armor piece categories09:26, April 1, 2015Timeoin
CT:Talk about Categories/subcategories03:39, October 30, 2014Ghost Anubis
CT:Enchanted Items05:14, October 15, 2014Ghost Anubis
CT:MOTM useridentity masthead box17:42, October 5, 2014DwemerBot
CT:Affiliations17:39, October 5, 2014DwemerBot
CT:Wiki Focus for April17:38, October 5, 2014DwemerBot
CT:Clean up proposal17:37, October 5, 2014DwemerBot
CT:DwemerBot17:37, October 5, 2014DwemerBot
CT:Further preparations for TESO12:42, January 10, 2013Flightmare
CT:Capitalization (again)00:39, September 27, 2012DarthOrc
CT:Books by Topic13:41, August 27, 2012Energy X
CT:Multiple Followers16:32, August 7, 2012Cheatcodechamp
CT:Blog policy03:48, August 5, 2012Deyvid Petteys
CT:Blog policy amendments12:36, August 2, 2012Deyvid Petteys
CT:Creatures Soul Size Categories04:15, August 2, 2012Deyvid Petteys
CT:Should Letters be part of Books category?06:34, July 31, 2012Deyvid Petteys
CT:Katanas: Awesome, yet severely lacking, weapons or pointless, needs to be removed entirely, weapon06:31, July 31, 2012Deyvid Petteys
CT:Creatures or Bestiary?18:16, July 29, 2012DarthOrc
CT:Featured article policy13:07, July 13, 2012Deyvid Petteys
CT:Base Damages18:21, July 6, 2012Veetor-Bot III
CT:Armor and Weapons18:16, July 6, 2012Veetor-Bot III
CT:Categorization of the wiki17:23, July 6, 2012Veetor-Bot III
CT:Proposal to remove Kacj321 as an administrator18:27, July 5, 2012Deyvid Petteys
CT:Random enchanted items21:38, June 28, 2012Jaymz6
CT:Capitalization10:35, June 27, 2012Energy X
CT:Proposal to remove/move all "strategies" from pages.10:39, June 25, 2012Energy X
CT:The Main Page03:09, June 25, 2012Tharchion
CT:Overarching categories category11:43, June 3, 2012Elchzard
CT:TES Online improve... Stuff16:46, May 4, 2012G0LD3NF1RE
CT:Revamping VIP system02:02, April 22, 2012Deyvid Petteys
CT:Good articles09:59, April 4, 2012Jimeee
CT:Ads with sound20:14, March 31, 2012Elchzard
CT:Can we remove all the fanon?19:30, March 19, 2012GramsJ
CT:Creatures/Bestiary Discussion00:50, February 29, 2012Neguy71inok
CT:Proposal to refer to NPC's as "Characters" - not "Individuals"10:29, February 26, 2012Tyrasis
CT:CT Discussions05:33, February 12, 2012Neguy71inok
CT:Just to confirm something21:20, February 3, 2012GramsJ
CT:Edit the easter egg page16:14, February 3, 2012Deyvid Petteys
CT:Achievements/Badges14:34, January 13, 2012G0LD3NF1RE
CT:Capitalization in pages15:34, January 5, 2012Timeoin
CT:Insect pages: merged or divided?15:26, January 5, 2012Timeoin
CT:New infobox template needed02:45, January 3, 2012SimonKTemplar
CT:The generic ingredient template23:43, January 2, 2012SimonKTemplar
CT:Can enchanted items be renamed?05:59, December 31, 2011Timeoin
CT:paarthurnax glicth 36003:14, November 30, 2011Deathwing789
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