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Followers are said to be limited to one at a time but there are several ways to exploit this limit.

Dovahkiin, a follower, the initiate and a couple of summons.

Quest Characters[]

The following characters are triggered to follow you by a quest and don't replace your main follower. However, neither their inventory nor the followers commands are available.

Characters Related Quest Method
Esbern and Delphine Alduin's Wall Proceed in the quest normally, tell them to follow you when asked and don't enter Sky Haven Temple.
Barbas A Daedra's Best Friend Barbas starts following after you are prompted to retrieve the Rueful Axe.
Eola or Brother Verulus The Taste of Death


  • Convince Verulus to follow you in an adventure.
Mercer Frey Speaking With Silence Proceed in the quest until leaving Snow Veil Sanctum.
Maurice Jondrelle The Blessings of Nature Maurice asks permission to follow you after you retrieve the Nettlebane and accept to run another errand for Danica Pure-Spring.
Thonnir Laid to Rest Talk to Thonnir by the cave and accept his help.
Enmon The Heart of Dibella Enmon will offer to follow you in search of his daughter.
Farkas or Vilkas Purity

Agree to help either of them to cleanse the beast blood. Vilkas will also follow you during Purity of Revenge aswell.

Brynjolf Trinity Restored Do not enter Nightingale Hall after Karliah enters.


The following characters do not work for the purpose described above. Although they are triggered to follow the Dragonborn for a while, fast travelling to any other place doesn't bring them along or they simply walk back to their original location afterwards.

Characters Related Quest Reaction
Avulstein Gray-Mane, Geirlund and Vidrald Missing in Action Travelling a few steps further the Northwatch Keep make them stop following.
Anska A Scroll For Anska She does follow in fast travel but returns to High Gate Ruins after a while.

Dark Brotherhood Followers[]

It is possible to use a small glitch to hire followers which have regular commands available as well as their inventory.

Characters Related Quest Notes
Dark Brotherhood Initiate (male) Where You Hang Your Enemy's Head Finish the aforementioned quest.
Dark Brotherhood Initiate (female) Where You Hang Your Enemy's Head Finish the aforementioned quest.
Cicero The Cure for Madness Spare Cicero's life


Dismiss your follower, then immediately rehire them. Then prompt the conversation with the Initiate or Cicero. If you are fast enough, the dialogue displays the option to hire the Initiate, even though you already have someone following you. The Dragonborn can do this repeatedly so he/she has their follower, two Dark Brotherhood initiates, and Cicero all following him/her. This can also be done with Serana.

Twin Souls[]

Dovahkiin on a horse with Kharjo, Esbern, Delphine, Thonnir, Mercer Frey, Vigilance, Barbas and two atronachs

It is possible to summon up to 2 Atronachs, reanimated zombies or dremora lords with the proper perk, which can only be obtained with Conjuration at level 100.

Followers' Summons[]

Mage followers may summon creatures to aid in battles. The dovahkiin can also give their follower (not necessarily a mage follower) a staff of zombies/reanimation/revenants, or a staff of flame/frost/storm atronach - meaning they will sometimes summon an atronach or reanimate a dead body when in combat.

Follower Summon
Aranea Ienith Flame Atronach or Frost Atronach
Esbern Flame Atronach, Frost Atronach, or Storm Atronach (on higher levels)
Belrand Familiar
Brelyna Maryon Flame Atronach
Eola Flame Atronach and Reanimate Corpse


Some mods includes more followers in-game and are expected to work with fewer glitches after the official release of the Creation Kit.  PC  

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