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When the guards in Skyrim talk, you will often hear them saying the famous saying, "I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee. What this really means is that the guard got married. Yes, married. Let me explain to you.

Where did it come from?[]

In Nordic/Scandinavian countries, "taking an arrow to the knee" meant that you are getting married/already got married. It refers to when we propose, we fall to one knee, comparing it to when a man gets shot in the leg, he, of course, falls to one knee.


So, yeah, that's it. Next time you go out into the land of Skyrim, please use protection Dovakiin. Don't get married. Save your coins for something useful. Not jewelery. Besides, your fatass wife won't help you get Daedric armor, she'll just sit there and cause you to become a guard or something like that.