"He's a faithful Temple-going noble."
Tienius Delitian[src]

Forven Berano is a Dunmer Noble found in the Temple Courtyard in Mournhold. He is a member of House Hlaalu.


The nobleman Forven Berano has skills as a duelist, but merely from tournaments. He is proud and arrogant towards the Nerevarine. As a House Hlaalu member, he is unhappy with the new King Helseth, who succeeded the Hlaalu King Athyn Llethan. He, like many others, suspect that Helseth murdered the old King. But unless most citizens, he has taken action and is involved in a plot to kill the King.[1]


Evidence of ConspiracyEdit

Tienius Delitian, Captain of the Royal Guard, sends the Nerevarine to investigate a suspected conspiracy against the King. A Handwritten letter in the old King's widow's house proves that Forven Berano is the designated assassin of King Helseth.

The Nerevarine, after delivering the letter to Tienius, is ordered to execute Forven. However, they can also warn him, giving him the possibility to flee.



Evidence of Conspiracy

"What do you want?"

evidence of conspiracy "I don't know what you're talking about. This is obviously some mistake...."
Denounce Forven Berano, and execute him. "You are contemptible. A lackey of the bloody tyrant Helseth. I shall show you a real Hlaalu noble knows how to live -- or die -- for honor and justice."
Warn Forven Berano, and let him escape. "Oh, gods, THANK you! Blessings of the Nine, and Almsivi, and anything else you like! Thank gods I have a Mark set. I'll be gone instantly -- and I assure you, I will never betray your mercy."


  • "Really? Say your piece, churl, and be done."



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