"After eighty years, I don't think anyone can imagine an end, said Vivec with a smile, but he grew serious, trusting Almalexia's prophecies. Who will win? Morrowind or the Cyrodilic Empire?"
―2920, The Last Year of the First Era

The Four Score War was a war between Morrowind and the Reman Empire. It was started by Reman Cyrodiil when he invaded Morrowind in 1E 2840 sometime after an invasion of Tamriel by the Akaviri, and would last another eighty years. At its conclusion, the Morag Tong brought an end to the war by assassinating King Reman Cyrodiil III in 1E 2920. Versidue-Shaie still continued to attack Morrowind after the throne was passed down to him.[1]

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