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Four Types of Flowers is a Mages Guild quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Ajira needs four types of flowers for her progress in alchemy. These can be found in abundance along the southern banks of Lake Amaya.



Upon speaking to Ajira, she will tell the player she needs 4 types of flowers for her research.she will request the player to find them for her. These flowers are Stoneflower Petals, Gold Kanet, Heather and Willow Anther. All of these flowers can be found along the southern banks of Lake Amaya.

Gold Kanet is a yellow flower. The plants somewhat resemble a yellow bush.

Stoneflower Petals come from stoneflower plants, which are blue flowers that hang down.

Heather comes from a low-growing pinkish plant that resembles a shrub.

Willow Anther is a purple flower that faces upward.

Alternatively, if the player is too lazy to gather the ingredients themselves, they may simply visit alchemists across Vvardenfell and buy the ingredients themselves.

Once you have all the flowers, return to Ajira to get your reward.



Four Types of Flowers – MG_Flowers
IDJournal Entry
10Ajira now wants samples of four types of flowers: Gold Kanet, Stoneflower Petals, Willow Anther, and Heather. These are found on the shores of Lake Amaya. I should go south out of Balmora and head east past the Fort Moonmoth and across the Foyada Mamaea on the road to Pelagiad. After leaving the Foyada, I should take the road to Suran which runs along the north shore of Lake Amaya.
  • Quest accepted
100Ajira thanked me for bringing her the four flowers.
  • Quest completed

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