"Francois Motierre hasn't left his house in days. Hasn't come down to the tavern, refuses to have visitors. I think the man's gone batty."
Chorrol town gossip[src]

Francois Motierre's House is a house located in Chorrol, near the Arborwatch. The owner, Francois Motierre, has recently cut himself off from the outside world and has locked himself inside. Many of the towns citizens have become concerned for his mental health, believing that he has become insane.

Before and after questEdit

If entered, Francois will panic, noting that the intruder isn't the one Lucien Lachance sent and say that he doesn't care if anything is taken, that he just want to be left alone.

After the related quest, the house and all of its contents are free to be used, including the bed. The containers in the house reset, so they can't be used for storage.

Notable itemsEdit


The Assassinated ManEdit

The Dark brotherhood has been hired by Francois to help fake his death to get the people who he owes money to leave him alone. He wants them to stab him with a unique blade that has been coated with a poison that will make it look like he has died.

The staged murder will take place inside his home after Hides-His-Heart arrives to kill him.


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