For the lore character, see Frandar Hunding.
"To choose for oneself is simple. To choose for a nation is hard. The heaviest blade is as a feather compared to the trust of one's people."
―Frandar Hunding[src]

Frandar Hunding is a powerful Redguard warrior appearing as a ghost at HoonDing's Watch. He is father to his only son, Divad Hunding. Frandar is famous for writing the Book of Circles, which is said to be in a small alcove above the hearth of every house in Hammerfell[1]

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Trials and Tribulations

"I know you ... your spirit, but you belong in this place no more than the others, the invaders. Why do you come here? Why do you disturb my rest?"

I need to get into the Chamber of Passage. "Of all the places in this temple you do not belong, it is here you belong the least. But I sense that where the others have come to violate the chamber's security, you have come to restore it. I will give you my blessing if you prove worthy."
How do I prove myself worthy? "The invaders have taken my scrolls—four sacred writing from the Book of Circles. They describe the principles one must master in the various seasons of life. Recover the scrolls, place them on the appropriate pedestals, and earn my blessing."
I'll find and return the scrolls to their pedestals.

After obtaining the scrolls:

"The scrolls speak of the principles of Wisdom, Discipline, Sacrifice and Devotion, and the seasons of life in which I mastered these principles. Place them in the proper order in which they were mastered."

[Persuade] I'm here to help cleanse the Temple. You could at least give me a hint. "Look to the passing of time, to the order of the sun, stars, and moon for understanding."

After placing the scrolls:

"Very well. You have my blessing. Now you must seek my son's spirit. Speak to Divad."

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. Sai Sahan's ingame monologue in The Valley of Blades

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