Frathen Drothan is a rogue Dunmer Battlemage and Telvanni wizard who leads the Drothmeri Army and searches Varsa Baalim for Mehrunes' Razor. He wears the unique Bladeturn Hood, which protects its wearer from damage.


Unearthing Mehrunes' RazorEdit

The lost Ayleid City Varsa Baalim has been unearthed by a rogue Telvanni arch-mage in pursuit of a fearsome Daedric artifact, Mehrunes Razor, which he believes will give him the power he needs to topple the Imperial reign.

Frathen is in the last room of the large ruined city of Varsa Baalim.

The potion, Trichobezoar extract and a receipt from a bookseller are in his quarters.


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