Free Spirits is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Orsinium.


The vile sorcerer, Gorlar the Dark, continues to terrorize the people of Wrothgar. He has raised countless Orcs as undead thralls and trapped their spirits in Mundus. I must set their spirits free and put this necromancer to the sword.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Guruzug to accept the quest.
  2. Get more information from Thazeg. (Optional)
  3. Use the Phial of Tranquility to free the spirits trapped in Thukhozod's Sanctum.
  4. Defeat the necromancer Gorlar the Dark.
  5. Talk to Thazeg.



  • Wrothgar Daily Contract Recompense
  • 73–302 GoldIcon


Journal Entry
The Phial of Tranquility should allow me to free the spirits trapped in Thukhozod's Sanctum, provided I do enough damage to their undead husks first. I must also kill the necromancer responsible.
  • Objective: Defeat Undead and Use Phial of Tranquility to Free Them: 0/6
  • Objective: Defeat Gorlar the Dark
The Orc priest, Thazeg, might have some additional information on the task. Perhaps I should speak to him.
  • Objective: Talk to Thazeg
I freed many of the spirits trapped in Thukhozod's Sanctum and killed the necromancer, Gorlar the Dark. I should seek out the priest, Thazeg, to discuss my payment.
  • Objective: Talk to Thazeg
  • Quest complete

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