"Oh, thank goodness! I've been wandering alone for so long, I thought I'd never see another soul again."
―Frightened Woman[src]

The Frightened Woman is a Nord who may be met in a random encounter.


She is dressed in rags, often found wielding a woodcutter's axe, and says she has just escaped from the fort Mistwatch. She claims the bandits there imprisoned her, but that she managed to escape. She asks for directions to the nearest town, and, once the directions are given to her, she asks the Dragonborn to clear out Mistwatch.

After the encounter, she will travel to the nearest farm, village, or mill (randomly determined based on the location of the encounter), where she will take up residence as a laborer. Since the encounter is random, she can appear anywhere. She has no additional dialogue, even after clearing out Mistwatch.


"Oh, thank goodness! I've been wandering alone for so long, I thought I'd never see another soul again."

Calm down. Tell me what happened. "I was kidnapped by these bandits weeks ago. They locked me up in the towers near Mistwatch. I managed to pick the lock and slip out while the guard slept, but now I'm completely lost. Can you help me, please?"
There's a town nearby in that direction. Do you need help getting there? "Oh, thank you, but I should be fine now that you've shown me the way. But those bandits have to be stopped! They're at Mistwatch. Here, let me show you on your map.... If you can stop them, you'll be a true hero!"


  • It is possible for her to appear and ask the Dragonborn to clear out Mistwatch after they have already done so.


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