"Interesting use of a rope. Remarkably convenient, too. I'm surprised nobody tried that before. Hmm, you're not a prisoner. I know everyone they tossed down here. And you're definitely not with the Vosh Rakh. All right, I give up. Who are you?"
―Frilan Ruman[src]

Frilan Ruman is a Breton engineer located in Fharun Stronghold's prison. He is available only if the Vosh Rakh have not been attacked during the quest "To Save a Chief."


To Save a ChiefEdit

As the Vestige enters Fharun's prison, they encounter Frilan Ruman, the engineer of the prison. He will give them an antidote against the poison in his traps and tell them to take care inside his maze.


To Save a Chief

I'm here to rescue the Orc chief. Who are you? "Me? I'm no one. Just a humble engineer who built and maintained this prison. Before they tossed me into it, that is. I've been able to avoid the dangerous prisoners, at least so far. Luckily, I literally know this place like the back of my hand."

You built this prison? "Well, I designed it. But most of the heavy lifting was done by the Orcs of Clan Fharun. The chiefs hired me, despite my obvious non-Orcishness. He appreciated my expertise and sardonic sense of humor. But it was those Vosh Rakh who imprisoned me."
Why would the Vosh Rakh imprison you? "Well, not just me. They threw a lot of the clan members down here. And then, the bastards, they opened the cages. Let the actual prisoners loose. It was some kind of sick game to them. But I never heard an alarm. You must be stealthy as a shadow."
I'm trying to get people out of here. Can you help me? "Well, this elixir might come in handy. There's a chamber you might come across. Fills with gas if the cell gates open accidentally. A failsafe measure, you see. Drink this potion and the gas won't bother you. I always carry a vial, just in case."
<Drink the potion.> "Tastes like barf, but works like magic! Oh, there's also a spike room. Amazing defense mechanism, unless you're in the chamber when it activates. Remember that it resets if you don't turn the three valves fast enough."
Is there a way around the spike room? "No, not if you want to make it through the prison. But there's a fourth valve hidden around the wall near the exit gate. Close that valve before the others and the trap won't reset. Consider this a reward for not getting me killed."
<Refuse the potion.> No thanks. I'll take my chances. "[?]"


  • "If I'm still employed when this debacle is over, I must remember to reset and update the various defenses. And I must do something about this well. Sorry, can't help myself. Making improvements, that's just in my nature."―If spoken to again after talking about the prison


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