Froki's Shack is a small dwelling located in the mountains in the southwest portion of the Rift.


The small house is located on the side of a cliff near Autumnwatch Tower. Froki Whetted-Blade lives here with his grandson Haming. There is a tanning rack inside, and a Wood Chopping Block outside.



Kyne's Sacred TrialsEdit

Defeat the sacred animal totems to receive Kyne's Token.

Notable itemsEdit



  • Though Froki and his grandson both live in the house, there is only one bed for the both of them.
  • When you walk out of the shack, to the left there is a path that leads to a Shrine of Talos high up on the mountain.


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  • Even after "Kyne's Sacred Trials" is complete, everything inside the shack will still be owned by Froki, and will be considered "stolen" if taken. Furthermore, the bed will still be considered owned, and will therefore remain unusable.


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