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The FrostSpark Collection is a card pack in The Elder Scrolls: Legends consisting of 11 unique cards. It was released at November 1, 2018. The collection can be bought for real money (USD/EUR $/€9.99) or 1500 Gold (Legends), receiving one copy of each Unique card and 3 copies of each other card in the set. Also FrostSpark Premium Card Collection is available for USD/EUR $/€19.99.


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Name Attributes Power Health Cost Type Subtype Rarity Text
Icon legends willpower Willpower 4 4 6 Creature Animal
Epic Breakthrough, Drain
Last Gasp:
Draw the top creature of your deck and give it Breakthrough and Drain.
Icon legends endurance Endurance 6 6 5 Creature Animal
Epic Guard
Death Hound's power is equal to its health.
Icon legends intelligence Intelligence 3 5 5 Creature High Elf Rare Your actions that deal damage cost 2 less.
Icon legends strength Strength 4 1 2 Creature Wood Elf Epic Prophecy, Guard
At the end of your opponent's turn, if they have a full lane and Green Pact Ambusher is in your hand, summon her to that lane.
Icon legends willpower Willpower 2 Action Rare Prophecy
Give all enemy creatures -2/-0 until the start of your turn.
Icon legends endurance Endurance 1 1 1 Creature Orc Rare Last Gasp: Draw a card and increase its cost by 1.
Icon legends intelligence Intelligence 4 4 4 Creature Daedra Epic Guard
Choose a card in your opponent's discard pile.
Banish all cards from your opponent's discard pile and deck with the same name as the chosen card.
Icon legends agility Agility 3 Action Epic Look at the top three cards of your deck. Choose one to put into your opponent's hand and draw the other two.
Icon legends strength Strength 2 Item Rare +2/+0
Summon: The wielder deals 2 damage to itself and another creature.
Icon legends agility Agility 7 5 5 Creature Khajiit Rare Slay: Gain magicka this turn equal to the slain creature's cost.
Icon legends neutral Neutral 5 6 7 Creature Animal
Legendary Summon: Draw a card if you have 4 runes. Draw an additional card if you have 5 runes.

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